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The White Buffalo – ‘On The Widow’s Walk’ [Album Review]

The White Buffalo, aka Jake Smith, puts out collection of heartfelt, honest tales. Read our review of “On The Widow’s Walk” here.



One shining light in this shitstorm of a year is that, despite being locked down, we’ve had a decent batch of Spring weather here in the UK meaning there is nothing to do but drag yourself out into the garden with a beer or two and kick back under the stars. Want the perfect soundtrack to that? Well, look no further than On The Widow’s Walk from The White Buffalo, aka Jake Smith (read more about the man in our recent interview with Jake here).

On The Widow’s Walk is an album full of real stories and, of course, is going to get comparisons to the great Johnny Cash. However, unlike many records of this ilk, On The Widow’s Walk, and even Smith himself, doesnt fall into the trap of just sounding like a lightweight version of Cash. An easy listen, On The Widow’s Walk is what one might describe as an honest album. Tracks like opener “Problem Solution” and “Come On Shorty,” while nice and simple, are full of heart and passion, attributes demonstrated throughout the album and partly the reason why Smith and his music are so instantly likable.

The other big reason is that, as a storyteller, Smith is second-to-none and you’re soon imagining how enjoyable it would be to sit around a campfire listening to him to talk. Throughout the course of the eleven tracks, Smith shows off his quality as a storyteller but, if you want specifics, songs like “The Rapture” would be a good starting point. Combine this with his wonderful voice and you have an album you could quite simply listen to for hours on end. With so many qualities, it’s hard to pick stand-out tunes as each one sees Smith offer the listener something a little different.

Be it the piano-led “Widow’s Walk” or the more raucous “Faster The Fire” where Smith’s real gruff side comes into play, On The Widow’s Walk will keep you hooked for the duration. Sure, like all good releases of this genre, there is a dark side to the inspiration but, with a storyteller as heartfelt as Smith, you’ll soon be lost in each of the tales that make up this wonderfully honest album.

On The Widow’s Walk Track Listing:

1. Problem Solution
2. The Drifter
3. No History
4. Sycamore
5. Come On Shorty
6. Cursive
7. Faster Than Fire
8. Widow’s Walk
9. River of Loss and Love
10. The Rapture
11. I Don’t Know A Thing About Love

Run Time: 42:28
Release Date: April 16, 2020
Record Label: Snakefarm Records

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