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The Kanz Highlight Isolation and the Pandemic in New “Leaving a Trace” Video



Pop-punk band The Kanz have shared a new music video for their single “Leaving a Trace.”

They comment, “We simply feel like we are lost and alone in this world, but deep inside ourselves we can find the strength, the only way to make your existence worth of your future and to be remembered by the next generations. This new song is definitely a turning point in The Kanz’s musical journey, as it brings a beautifully constructed tune with their original epic synth and guitar solos, and a powerful message for each of us.”

Adding further context, lead singer Fabio Nania shares, “Sometimes we really try to compromise with the awareness of darkness that surrounds the meaning of life. But then, you wake up in the morning one day and you feel like you need to do something about it. You need to leave a trace. You can change your life and you can change someone else’s. This way your past won’t be forgotten in the future and the idea of yourself will be portrayed in the memories of the ones whose life has been touched by your actions.”

Artwork for “Leaving a Trace” by The Kanz