Sweet Ignitions are intent on making a fan of you today with the premiere of their brand new music video for their song “HOOK.” A mainstay of their live concert set for quite some time now, the dudes finally judged it to be the right time to do a proper release of the song and video accompaniment. However, the release of “HOOK” didn’t just suddenly come together as a result of it being a choice opportunity to promote new singles; it was always scheduled to be issued this spring. It’s no surprise that the song is so beloved by Sweet Ignition fans with its galloping bass line and cathartic chorus.

Guitarist Lino Malnati offered some extreme detail when it came to how this song came to fruition. “It was written in desperation almost. I had a company employing a few guys and it was falling apart as was my relationship with my wife at the time. The two seemed to merge and the emotions from both felt a little similar as both had been long term, over years. My wife was hurting more but the company was tough too, a lot of commitment to a lot of people and I didn’t want to let anybody down.”

Philips continues, “I remember that I’d had a particularly difficult day with regards both and a lot of people seemed to be on my case. I didn’t know what to do, where to turn or how to move forward at that point. My normal way to write songs would be music and melody first and then lyrics but this time I picked up a pen and the words just came quickly. It was like therapy! So the crux of what the song is about is wanting to escape everything as life feels full of pressure but knowing that you can’t. Plus not knowing what to do next or where your place in the world is. Being lost in effect.”

“HOOK” is Sweet Ignitions’ fifth single release now with the band on a recent upswing that included, prior to the lockdown, concerts in Wales and Southwest England with Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell and South Wales band Pretty Vicious. It’s been an eventful three-year history for quartet since forming in Abergavenny, South Wales. Their sound is defined by a dual guitar assault with melodies that feel as “heavy” as the guitar riffs. It feels like it’s about the perfect time to get ‘hooked’ on a new band, don’t you think?

Artwork for “Hook” by Sweet Ignitions