“Don’t give in.” “You do you.” “Never change.” Do these quotes sound familiar? They probably do… They’re words that people often tell you, but who’s to know whether they actually mean what they’re saying? Well, you can be damn sure that the men that comprise Roses Are Dead are straight-up telling you the truth because that’s just the type of people they are.

The Boise, Idaho quintet have just released their new single “Drown,” a song about dealing with those who are intent on changing you for what they deem the better. It also relates to the Sirens of Greek mythology, dangerous, female-like creatures that, with their music and singing, would lure sailors to shipwreck, trying to entice them to drown in the depths of the sea. “Drown” is firmly targeted at all of the selfish ones who deep down inside just want you to suffer.

The band is extremely proud of “Drown” and believe it is one of the best efforts of their short career. Commenting on the song, guitarist Alex (Xander) Jones said, “‘Drown’ is some of the most exciting work we’ve done to date. Not only was it more of a collaborative effort in writing, but it also has pushed the boundaries of our sound to newer, darker limits. I for one, am very excited to add this to our collection. It shows how sonically versatile we are becoming.”

It’s only been four years since the modern metalcorers formed, but they’ve come a long way in that time. They bring a diverse range of musical tastes to the table, putting a modern twist on a familiar metallic sound. Roses Are Dead prefer to view the positivity behind all the negativity, believing that we are all connected through both suffering and loss. The adversity is what binds us together and many of their lyrics focus on standing up for yourself and fighting the good fight. The release of “Drown” follows up the recent release of the single “Fake,” with more to come soon. With their motivation reaching a new level, Roses Are Dead have their sights firmly set in the right places while at the same time avoiding the wrong distractions.

Artwork for “Drown” by Roses Are Dead

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