01. Thirty Nights Of Violence – “Marbled Regression”
– Nashville metal group, Thirty Nights of Violence, announced their sophomore release, You’ll See Me Up There, will see release on June 26 via Unbeaten Records as well debuting the lead single “Marbled Regression”.

02. Girl Friday – “Amber’s Knees: A Matter of Concern”
– LA band Girl Friday release their debut full-length Androgynous Mary on August 21, and you can check out their new single, “Amber’s Knees: A Matter of Concern”.

03. Die Ego – “Culto”
– Set to release their new album, Culto, on June 12, 2020, metal newcomers Die Ego have released a video for the title track which you can check out here.

04. Kaonashi – “Coffee & Conversation”
– Taken off their 2018 EP, Why Did You Do It?, Philadelphia emo mathcore outfit Kaonashi have shared a new music video for their harrowing track “Coffee & Conversation” ,.

05. Ian Chang – “Zoetrope”
Ian Chang has shared a new track and video from his debut album, 属 Belonging, which is set for physical release on May 29 via City Slang.

06. Riskee And The Ridicule – “Blue Jacket”
– Screaming from the lockdown, even pandemic protecting masks cannot muffle the anger and bile spilling from eclectic Kent punks Riskee and The Ridicule and their new single “Blue Jacket”.

07. Call To The Faithful – “Demons”
– Released as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, “Demons” is the poigniant new single from Brit rockers Call To The Faithful and you can check it out here.

08. Horcrux – “Monochrome”
– Metalcore powerhouse Horcrux have released their adrenalizing live video for ominous “Monochrome” – the third single from their recent EP Heretic.

09. Anima Tempo – “Deceitful Idols”
– Hailing from Mexico City, Anima Tempo blend progressive and death metal with a unique twist. Check out “Deceitful Idols” which marks their next step after 2018’s Primal Symmetry.

10. Thryant – “Face The Thyrant”
– Spanish metallers Thyrant are out with their brand new single “Face The Thyrant”. This is the first single off their upcoming sophomore album titled Katabasis, due July 17th.


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