With a name like Itayil, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re promoting some new Italian artist, but you’d be mistaken. Quite the contrary, actually. We have to look to Western Canada to discover the origins of Itayil, the name assumed by Edmonton, Alberta-based musician David Chunn.

Chunn, a clever songwriter who taught himself how to sing, recently began a new musical existence with Itayil after serving as the vocalist for the Calgary-based rock band Vallite. Vallite garnered success after the release of their debut EP, Transient, which resulted in shows alongside Brazilian power metallers Hibria, Scythia, The Silence Factory, Subsume, From the Wolves, and For a Life Unburdened, to name a few. Not one to find himself without the regular need to tap into his artistry, Chunn is reborn as Itayil, and today we’re hyping up his solo project.

Chunn has carved out his own path with Itayil, a project focused on offering listeners an immersive musical experience within a wide range of delicate soundscapes. Similar to the lead single, “Bloom,” you’ll know what we’re talking about with the brand new track, “Degrade,” an atmospheric song that builds and builds until it hits a breathtaking progressive rock climax. With a comment on “Degrade,” Chunn said, “I wrote the lyrics for this song over a year ago, but now I think they carry a lot more weight given the times that we’re currently living in. If we go without human contact for too long, it’s easy to get lost in ourselves, especially since it seems like we’re living the same day again and again.”

The name Itayil is an ode to Chunn’s Malayali background, in which the word “itayil” translates to “in between.” Musically speaking, this is about exactly where Chunn tries to steer, with songs that are equal part dark and hopeful, melodic and brutal. You can look for new sounds from Itayil coming soon as Chunn continues to perfect his craft and establish himself as one of Canada’s most interesting new rock acts.

Artwork for ‘Degrade’ by Itayil

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