We hope you like avocado because we have plenty to offer today courtesy of instrumental progressive metallers Altostratus. Rather than your average song/video combo, the band presents more of a short film or featurette titled “Holy Guacamole // The Conception” that acts as a teaser to their upcoming music video, “Persea Americana.”

The “Holy Guacamole // The Conception” short film is, let’s call it eccentric, but also extremely funny once you get into it. If your sense of humour sways a little left of center and you enjoy the tongue-in-cheek aspect of British comedy, then you’re going to absolutely eat up “Holy Guacamole // The Conception.”

Here to explain in more detail just what this short film is all about, and what it all means, is bassist Andrew Smith. “Drew here, I play the main character in the film, as well as bass in the band. This short film which we have created, and the full music video it is a precursor to, have been in the works and in our collective minds for a long time. We worked closely with our good friend and North East film-making legend Lewis Dodds to make something that we think is a good bit of fun, but with a deeper meaning about love and life (if you choose to get deep about it).

“This is the first piece of content that will kick off our ‘Altostratus Cinematic Universe.’ Much like other origin stories, it lays the foundation for the main event. We are releasing our full music video for ‘Persea Americana’ in the coming weeks; this is a direct continuation with some of the same characters and stories, plenty of lore to get into if you want to get nerdy. The track is also featured on our debut album Complete the Connected, which was released in February.”

Five years after initially forming, Complete the Connected is the apex of what Altostratus has been working towards. The band members worked on it, not for several months, but several years with the pursuit of forming their most original piece of work yet. Working with producer Forrester Savell (Twelve Foot Ninja, Animals as Leaders, Karnivool), Complete the Connection is nuanced, dynamic and most certainly epic.

After watching “Holy Guacamole // The Conception,” we can only imagine what’s going to be coming our way with the “Persea Americana” video. The song is a seven-minute slice of progressive metal that explores the emotional rollercoaster of an “avocado man” who must come to terms with his inevitable demise. While we await its release, go grab an avocado, maybe even look up a recipe for avocado ice cream, and enjoy some “Holy Guacamole // The Conception.”

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