Quick, someone grab the hammer… No, not that hammer, I mean the earhammer. It’s because we’re about to get set to chip away at your ears with War Cloud’s brand new album, Earhammer Sessions. Due out officially on Friday via Ripple Music, why wait until then to get a good pounding when you can enjoy one now via our full album premiere?

This new eight-track affair is a special treat to come from the band after they secluded themselves away at Oakland, California’s Earhammer Studios, determined to record a solid set of songs that would equal the thunder of their live performance. They make the best of their ‘80s hard rock influences on songs such as “Give’r,” a full-on walloping of ‘80s metal era guitars in the vein of Metallica and Megadeth. The recording sessions were extremely productive and it did not take long until the spirit of Earhammer Sessions began to take shape.

Describing in more detail the importance of gathering that live energy for the album, the band stated, “We wanted to capture the live energy of our set and it was a no-brainer to record with Oakland’s Earhammer Studios. The recordings capture the evolution of the band and how we have progressed as a group. What you hear is the set list we performed every night of our most recent European tour. It’s a raw, honest, take no prisoners vibe that the band exudes. We chose Earhammer Studios because it has recorded bands that we are fans of (Saviours, Lecherous Gaze, Necrot) and it’s the epitome of the Oakland metal sound. Greg Wilkinson (engineer/mixer) understood our vision and helped recreate the live set.”

It was 2014 when War Cloud began to make themselves known to lovers of hard music in the U.S. and Europe. Immediately, the band took a classic ‘70s heavy rock and ‘80s power metal approach while interjecting it with the sophistication of modern heavy metal. The group previously released 2019’s State of Shock, and 2017’s War Cloud, both aggressive albums meant to be cranked up. Formerly stationed in the Bay Area, the guys now call Austin, Texas their home, where they’ll continue to hammer our new music with full throttle force.

Earhammer Sessions Track Listing:

1. Vulture City
2. Give’r
3. Chopper Wired
4. White Lightning
5. Divide and Conquer
6. Tomahawk
7. Speed Demon
8. Striker

Artwork for ‘Earhammer Sessions’ by War Cloud