Fatima Revne is an emerging R&B-Pop singer showcasing her dynamic voice and crafty lyrics with her first release of 2020, “I’m The One.” An upbeat, energetic single filled with Revne’s soulful vocals, “I’m The One” sees the artist exploring love from a different perspective than most love songs. Touting herself as “the one,” rather than a lover, Revne’s storyteller lyrics boast a theme of self-empowerment for anyone who listens. We sat down with Revne to hear more about the inspiration behind the single, learn about her creative process, and hear about how COVID-19 has affected her (she works as a nurse too!).

You just released a new single, “I’m The One.” Can you share the story/inspiration behind the song?

Fatima Revne: “When it comes to music about being in love, it’s common that it has always been about the significant one being ‘the one.’ Why can’t it be the opposite? So I flipped the script by using ‘myself’ as the main focus here. It’s basically about being in love, almost being stupidly in love doing whatever for this person. Love can be blind, right?”

What do you hope it conveys to fans? How do you hope it makes them feel?

“Firstly, it’s a happy-mood-song despite the story, but I want my listeners to feel that love is mutual. Don’t do stupid things for your crush/love just because they asked you to or you think that it will bring you two closer together. Feel with the heart, but think with the brain. Like don’t skip class for him, school first (hehe).”

What’s your favorite lyrical line in the single?

“‘..Doing crazy things to make you feel nana, feeling like we’re in Copacabana, I’m in heaven pag ikaw ang kasama.’ I just love singing this line! And oh, I miss Copacabana, it really brings up good memories! And the fact that Tagalog phrases pop up in my song though, it just spices up everything as a whole. To translate the written above: I’m in heaven when I’m with you. *Thanks Relden for helping me with my Tagalog!”

How has your music evolved from the beginning to this release?

“The evolution of my music has indeed evolved in a way where both my writing, storytelling, and vocals have expanded for the better. I’m also more aware of small details that can elevate the song, such as ad-libs, clever rhyming, instrumentals, etc.”

What is your creative process for creating new music? How has that been impacted by COVID-19?

“For me, it has always been listening to beats/songs whenever I can, and from there get inspired creating my own. Discover more of your unique production or your voice. Write down lines and ideas before you forget it and interact with other musicians. The internet is a blessing in disguise these days when social distancing is a must. Don’t let some stupid virus stop you from being creative with your music. Be ambitious.”

Artwork for “I’m The One” by Fatima Revne

How has COVID-19 impacted you both personally and as an artist?

“I’m working full-time as a nurse, so I’ve never got the chance to feel trapped within four walls unlike most of the people that are affected by this. So overall I’m kind of living the same lifestyle, but when it comes to being an artist it’s sad because it diminishes my chances for being on stage doing what I love, which is performing.”

How do you think COVID-19 will impact independent artists in the long-term?

“As long as you stay on your grind producing and writing you will always go one step ahead. For those who are staying in quarantine, MAKE A LOT OF MUSIC! Do live concerts through your phone, interact with people! Don’t waste time even though you’re stuck at home.”

What can fans expect next?

“I’m happy to say that I just released another single Friday 1. May! It’s a Norwegian song called, ‘Liker det’ which translated in English, ‘I like it.’ A summerish, sexy song which I know my non-Norwegian listeners will like as well because of the vibe! Music is a universal language, right? This song is btw a part of a bigger project! Follow me on social media to get updated!”


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