We tend to only judge a musical artist by what we see and hear, but it’s often the men and women behind the music who help by setting up an artist for success. Enter Fabrizio Moreira, the creator and developer behind Secret Hit Music. Stationed in New York City, Secret Hit works with partners in Miami, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Colombia to assist established and developing artists, primarily in the genres of pop, Latin, hip-hop, and trap. With a highly qualified team of producers and content creators, Secret Hit has been responsible for writing and producing songs for world-famous, multi-platinum musicians such as Soulja Boy, NK, Jowell & Randy, Manuel Turizo, Safaree, and many more.

In establishing Secret Hit, Fabrizio’s primary mission has been to assist emerging talent by making them feel comfortable within a well-connected environment of songwriting, collaboration, and business development. Born in Manta, Ecuador, he promotes a family-like atmosphere that helps artists feel welcomed without all the pressures of the music industry. Since his teen years, Fabrizio has been firmly focused on developing business opportunities for himself and others and has also been a continued force in the banking world. He continued with his banking career right up until he formed Secret Hit Music and is now a well-established behind-the-scenes presence in the careers of many musicians.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Fabrizio about how he wound up in New York after spending his youth in Ecuador, what Secret Hit Music is all about, and what advice he can provide to emerging artists and producers.

You were born and raised in Ecuador, why did you decide to come to the East Coast out of all places?

Fabrizio Moreira: “I didn’t have any other option really. At the time I was involved in politics and the political situation turned very risky for me if I chose to stay instead of leaving the country. I arrived in the States where I was a regular visitor for training in entrepreneurship areas of study. I was often invited by IADB (Inter-American Development Bank) or the OAS (Organization of American States). I knew New York would be a great place to move to because of the huge entertainment scene and obviously a ton of the biggest players in music and publishing are located in town.”

What is Secret Hit and could you explain why it’s more of a culture than just a business?

“Secret Hit is what I consider a culture. We are a songwriting and producer collective based out of New York with partners in Miami, LA, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Colombia. We write music and top line songs in genres like pop, Latin, hip-hop, reggaeton and trap. We also focus heavily on giving back through business and industry grants, and aim to help emerging talent in music become a part of our team to write and produce music with others.”

How exactly do you know that you’ve written or produced a hit? Is there a science to it, or just a mix of luck and timing?

“I think it is a combination of everything and it also depends a lot on the team you are working with. We have found amazing songwriters that with a bit of guidance and direction can bring hits out of their sessions. We teach them to instinctively know when they have a hit on hand, it is just a feeling and is something they can confidently go out and say ‘we got it.”

What was the very first music project you worked on here in New York that made you realize you had something going?

“We worked a record with Kvng Shad and Trippie Redd, and it went viral and averaged about eight million spins between Apple and Spotify with zero money spent on marketing. So we knew something was going on, and starting at that point every single independent artist in the Latin and Anglo genre wanted to work with us. We then worked quickly to collaborate with these artists and produce some incredible top lines and song ideas for them.”

Knowing you have worked with some pretty big names like Daddy Yankee, Soulja Boy, NK, Jowell & Randy and Manuel Turizo, how did you start to connect with some of these higher-profile artists to help them pen hits?

“Soulja Boy’s ‘We Made it’ was definitely a track that put us on the map. The song was done with Drake and even remixed by Jay Z, and when you have names like that associated with an incredible song it’s that ‘lighting in a bottle’ moment you need to get tons of free B2B marketing. At that point you don’t have to prove yourself with some sort of resume or pitch deck, the artists and executives believe in you and often come knocking on your door. It took a ton of work, and you also have to replicate that success over and over again, the luster can wear off if you don’t keep working like it’s a start-up.

Now there are a lot of records/songs that we’ve produced and co-wrote that have become mega hits. I’m here to help connect the dots and run the company, but members of our team do some amazing work like Eliezer Palacios who was part of ‘Felices los Cuatro’ of Maluma, ‘Limbo’ of Daddy Yankee and Eliezer is one of our founder members. Then you have Lil Eddy who penned the No. 1 Billboard charting hit ‘Mamacita’ for Jasón Derulo and Farruko. So yes, there is a big track of success with most of our Secret Hit members.”

Who are some of your newer writers that you’ve mentored that have written hits? Any examples of tracks we can listen to?

“Well along with our VP, D-Teck we have been working and mentoring Turnt UP TY, Jae, Chemist, Chris, and Eddy. They are incredible writers and they have been a part of the team for about eight months now. They are still going through the growing process but some of his new records had caught the attention from music executives like Benny Pough and execs from other big labels. Of course, I can’t say this has been me alone, they had the help of Linda Briceño who is the first female to win a Grammy as the producer of the year. She is a leader and she knows how to coach while giving direction. So definitely we can share some of the records we’ve been working on for private listening for industry consideration.”

For emerging songwriters and producers, what advice do you have for them that can help them attract bigger artists to work with them?

“It’s all about the team and the direction. Join together with those that understand the market and put yourself in a situation where you build a synergistic team and each of you are good at one thing. Say one can be good at giving melodies the other great at lyrics with the other being a master of beats. Build your team, it is important to realize that the secret of all is working together with others that fit the missing pieces. You don’t compete against each other and you ensure the goal between you all is the same.”

Is most of your music focused on Latin genres? Or do you plan on expanding into other types of music?

“We do a lot of hip-hop, pop and we have been working with big top liners. There are few records we hope to see the light soon in multiple genres. One of those is a Dembow project in English that involves Tory Lanez and we are currently working on the clearances before release. We love all genres of music, but we try and stick with certain categories and niches to be the best at it.”