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Crossfaith – ‘Species’ [EP] [Album Review]

Japanese sonic terrorists Crossfaith return with more of their brutal EDM meets metal on their new five track EP, ‘Species’. Read our review here.



I remember the first time I saw Japanese sonic terrorists Crossfaith live coming away with the same feeling I had when I first saw Slipknot. The energy, the chaos, the unpredictability; it was all there and it was truly exhilarating.

Their new EP, Species, may only be five tracks-long but, shitting hell, there isn’t one moment where the band isn’t ripping off your ears with their brutal sound. Part EDM, part metal, part hardcore, tracks like “Digital Parasite” see the Japanese heavyweights deliver a flawless cocktail of heaviness. Imagine taking the pummelling electronics from The Prodigy, the brutal chaos of Slipknot, and the mind-twisting experimental elements of Enter Shikari’s sound then mixing it all together – the end result would sound pretty damn close to what Crossfaith have achieved with Species. In fact, there are many moments during this five-tracker, like the frantic “Truth of Insanity,” where you don’t know whether to throw shapes or throw yourself into the wall.

With so many layers to their sound, it would be fair to describe Crossfaith’s music as experimental, but that’s probably not the correct phrase. Adventurous is probably a better term to use and one that sums up the last two tracks on the EP. Firstly, “None Of Your Business,” featuring Japanese rapper Jinn Dogg, is a brutal offering that would certainly please fans of the likes of Scxrlxrd while closing offering, “Your Song,” sees the band meld together melodic hardcore with those brutal electronics to sign off this EP in unforgettable style.

Listening to the group tear through the five songs on this EP takes me right back to where this review started. The energy, the chaos, the unpredictability; it’s all there and, back like it was in that sweaty club, the experience of listening to Species is truly exhilarating,

Species Track Listing:

1. Digital Parasite
2. Endorphin
3. Truth of Insanity
4. None of your Business (feat Jinn Dogg)
5. Your Song

Run Time: 17:29
Release Date: May 22, 2020
Record Label: UNFD

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