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Cristian Machado Teases Debut Solo Album ‘Hollywood y Sycamore’ with Lead Single “Die Alone”



Well-known as the mad-long-dreadlock-wearing lead singer of Latin metal band, Ill Niño, Cristian Machado has lifted the veil on his new solo project. His debut album, Hollywood y Sycamore, will drop on September 25 via Chesky Records’ sub-label, Coconut Bay, and the lead single “Die Alone” just debuted online.

Commenting on the track, Machado notes, “‘Die Alone’ is a song of hope for anyone faced with unimaginable challenges. Out of all suffering can evolve monolithic personal growth, and I seek comfort in that. If we let go of the painful past, we don’t become the suffering. Shedding skin is sometimes the hardest part but it is why we’re here — to love, to hurt, to feel, to adapt, and, most importantly, to evolve and not make the same mistakes we made in the past.”

Yes, the guttural growls might be gone, but they’ve been replaced with experimentation and creativity.

Hollywood y Sycamore Track Listing:

1. Say Hello Again
2. Die Alone
3. Better You Know
4. Blame It On Me
5. Bring You Home
6. Good Mother
7. Weeds
8. Pase Lo Que Pase
9. How Can I Live
10. Welcome to the Machine
11. Corazon en un Cajon
12. Numb

Artwork for “Die Alone” by Cristian Machado

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