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Andy Cook Teases His Debut Album ‘I’ll Be Fine’ with the Single “Fade Away” [Premiere]



Pragmatic, honest, and down-to-earth may be three of the most appropriate ways to describe singer and songwriter Andy Cook. Cook is an emotive, young, up-and-coming artist who does not try to be something he isn’t. He’s just an honest to goodness musician, looking to express himself through his own musical platform. It’s an exciting time for Cook, with his debut album I’ll Be Fine due for release on June 12th through Good Eye Records.

To give you a sense of what to expect, Cook has released the new single “Fade Away,” an emotional song about a relationship that we can’t help but want more from. To express more clarity on the matter, Cook commented, “When we made ‘Fade Away,’ the song was meant to express the feelings of both longing and acceptance for something or someone that isn’t a part of our life anymore. More than a year later and in the current world situation, I now also hear it as a song of thinking about the favourite place and people we can be around right now, and aspiring for the time when we can be there again.”

“Fade Away” is the first new taste of music since the release of Cook’s Modern Man EP. It’s quite the accomplishment that the artist has arrived where he currently is. When he was growing up, Cook avoided music as much as he could. He was afraid to sing and routinely avoided performing in music class at school. Eventually he felt it was time to “face the music” so to speak and not only was he able to leave his anxiety behind, but he also discovered that he was actually good at this. Originally from Minnesota, Cook’s early recordings, 2018’s Modern Man and 2017’s In Space, still bear a lot of that childhood anxiety with vocals manipulated with reverb and delay. It wasn’t until the recording process for I’ll Be Fine got started that Cook began to realize that his voice was a worthwhile instrument. It now serves as the centerpiece of I’ll Be Fine with no guitars or affects serving to drown it out.

Still a young man, Cook continues to evolve as a musical artist. But, fortunately, for himself and for his growing audience, he’s gotten past those early growing pains and now proceeds as an individual with both talent and perhaps even more importantly, confidence.

Artwork for “Fade Away” by Andy Cook