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Wake Up! Nathan Vincent’s Sleepy-Folk EP ‘Cedar and Pine’ is Now Streaming



Only days after the release of his single “Blue Ridge State,” Nathan Vincent has released an indie-folk masterpiece with his sophomore EP, Cedar and Pine. Rich acoustic instrumentation and intimately vulnerable lyrics fill the tracklist with a sense of nostalgia as Vincent takes a journey of self-discovery and belonging. Premiering in Atwood Magazine, Cedar and Pine was described as “emotionally weighted but nonetheless sonically bright and earnest” and showcases Vincent’s “wondrous melodies” amidst “subdued vocals and warm acoustic guitar” (Atwood Magazine).

“Nathan Vincent embodies the modern indie-folk singer/songwriter. …His eloquence and lyricism make him a standout” – Atwood Magazine

Comprised of four tracks, Cedar and Pine sees Vincent weaving the stories of everyday life into intimately nuanced lyrics, and finds both spaces of comfort and deep reflection. Sharing stories from his experiences in his two homes, Texas and North Carolina, the Philippines-born artist traverses landscapes and soundscapes to explore coming-of-age moments, themes of independence, and find the significance of it all.

The first single released, “Blue Ridge State” brings a focus to traditional Appalachian mountain music, while maintaining a contemporary twist on the indie-folk genre with Vincent’s mellow vocals, reflecting on Vincent’s connection to nature and familiar places, giving tribute to his time living in North Carolina amongst the sleepy pine trees. “Daily Communion” follows and was written as Vincent’s reclamation of what communion really is – “a tender and personal and intimate exercise where we can become vulnerable and have ultimate liberation in that vulnerability,” (Nathan Vincent). The EP continues with the heart-wrenching “Coffee Table” – a narrative on betrayal – and finishes with “Emmie,” an examination of the difficulty it is to be the first one to the table, making an effort to reconcile a broken relationship.

“Every time I listen to Nathan Vincent’s new EP, I get a feeling akin to driving through the Pacific Northwest as the sun begins to set. His introspective lyrics combine with mellow vocal layers and rich acoustic instrumentation to bring about a sound reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, S. Carey, and Gregory Alan Isakov.” – Chris Jacobie, Producer

Artwork for ‘Cedar + Pine’ by Nathan Vincent

Overall, Cedar and Pine sees Vincent’s musical thoughts to come to fruition, often created by a sonically-divided dichotomy and tension of noise and silence between his two homes after being born and raised in the bustling city of Metro Manila in the Philippines, yet moving back and forth to a sleepy suburban town called Wake Forest, North Carolina. Now residing in Austin, Texas, Vincent aims to create a unique soundscape he categorizes as “Sleepy Folk.”

With honest romanticism and bittersweet warmth interwoven in his rich acoustics and mellow vocals Vincent’s music has a prophetic clarity in its songwriting that looks deep into the hearts of people, unmasking what’s happening on the inside. “[Vincent’s] music lets people and things be messy and complicated and allows them to rest in heavy nostalgia; it creates the space of invitation where we can meet others and God into ourselves and into our very dusty humanness.”

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