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“Tonight” is the Perfect Time to Watch High Grass’ New Music Video [Premiere]



It’s time to take a walk through the High Grass; enjoy the “Tonight” music video from this Cuban-born band. The performance video features the group in-studio and succeeds at showing not only the members’ individual talents, but also their ability to feed off of each other.

“Tonight” is the first sampling of what’s to come on the forthcoming five-song EP which was written and recorded back in Cuba, away from the musicians’ current home in Los Angeles. It was important for the members to reacquaint themselves with their place of origin to not only get away from the grind and distractions of LA, but also to get back in touch with the inspiration behind what originally helped them form in the first place.

Commenting on their new single, frontwoman Kristina Miranda reveals that “Tonight” is actually not as recent of creation as it seems. “We wrote the song ‘Tonight’ back in Cuba in 2012. This song is about finding your path and being true to yourself. It was inspired by my decision to move from Moscow to Havana, where Marciel and I met and started the band. It was hard to leave my family and friends, but this decision has totally changed my life. I have no idea what it would be like if I hadn’t made this choice, and believe it is essential to follow your instincts to find yourself.”

The origin of “Tonight” actually extends all the way back to not long after High Grass initially formed. It was 2012 when Cuban guitarist Marciel Miranda and Russian singer Kristina Miranda decided to start the band after they had met in 2009. At that time, Kristina had just arrived in Cuba and was determined to record a solo record until she met Marciel in a recording studio where they found common ground over their tastes in music. Their relationship blossomed from there and has only grown stronger, especially since they decided to relocate to the United States in 2016.


It turned out to be a wise decision, especially since they ended up meeting drummer Adam Ponce. With the current uncertainly surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, High Grass is eager to get out on the road in support of their new songs, which you can be sure they’ll be doing the moment they receive the go-ahead.

Artwork for ‘High Grass’ by High Grass

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