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Singer-Songwriter Dave Tamkin Inspires Goodwill with New Single “Shoes”



If only you could spread positivity and goodwill from releasing new music…. Singer-songwriter Dave Tamkin is doing just that with his new single “Shoes,” released on April 7th. Sparking positivity and a sense of community during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Shoes” is Tamkin’s response to the needs of his local homeless shelter in his hometown of Boulder, CO.

Tamkin was inspired to write the single “Shoes” as he experienced the growing population of people experiencing homelessness in his hometown. “A new shelter opened up where a guitar shop used to be down the street from us and with each passing week the line would grow with people waiting for an opportunity to sleep under a roof with some heat. As winter moved in we heard that shoes were one of the hardest things to come by,” says Tamkin. Moved by the fact that such a common and basic necessity was hard for people to obtain, Tamkin came up with the idea to write a song and use it as a platform to donate shoes to homeless shelters. “We plan on trading some new music for a pair of shoes that need a new adventure and could help someone further their journey to a safe and more secure life,” the artist notes.

“Shoes” is a melody-driven, fast-paced single combining creative harmonies, smoking guitars, a driving backbeat, and playful piano and horn instrumentations. The country-esque track tells a story about embracing the road in front of you with all it has to offer while not judging the characters that cross your path or join you on your journey. “Start looking at your shoes, stop looking at mine. This is our story, it’s what we leave behind,” sings Tamkin.

With plans to originally tour Colorado, Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming in support of the release and to collaborate with local shelters in providing shoes for the homeless, Tamkin has turned to a new method of spreading the message during these times of social-distancing and isolation. Joining forces with The Stone Cottage Studio – a premier recording space in Tamkin’s hometown of Boulder, CO – and several other Colorado artists, Tamkin and the other performers are utilizing their newfound internet “stage” to raise money for the Boulder Homeless Shelter. “The Social Distance Stone Cottage Live Stream” (tune in here) will take place on Saturday, April 18th and will donate donations from the audience to the Boulder Homeless Shelter.

During times of crisis, it’s important to step up and help your local community. Dave Tamkin is doing just that until he can get back on the road touring the country and inspiring others to make a difference for their home communities.

Artwork for “Shoes” by Dave Tamkin & Co

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