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Set Your Day Ablaze with Rachel Lorin’s Moving New Single “Kerosene” [Guest Blog]



As far as musicians and recording artists go, you won’t find many more prolific and hard-working than Rachel Lorin. The alt-pop singer is back today with her brand new single “Kerosene,” a song with quite the backstory which Rachel has been so kind to share with us. Loaded with angst, “Kerosene” sees Lorin reflect on the pain and anguish of a previous love that left her with a whole lot of heartache and anxiety. The song is the follow-up to her fall 2019 single, “Gold,” a more upbeat-sounding, poppier affair that shows the range, as well as the great resolve, that lies within this creative young woman.

At only 23 years of age, Lorin has accomplished more in her career than most do in a lifetime. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she found herself as a recording artist while living in New York City after a childhood filled with incredible experiences. Already at the age of nine, she was modelling and, then at twelve, sang the National Anthem at the U.S. Open tennis tournament. Her musical career took off when she landed on the reality television series Next Big Thing and, since, has found herself as an artist who openly embraces both rock and pop music.

With her teen pop years firmly behind her, Lorin now concerns herself with the issues that young people encounter day in, day out. She finds motivation in approaching them with a dark sense of humour that adds some lightness to the otherwise serious nature of these topics. What brings it all together is a fearlessness that is very evident in her music.

“Kerosene” is a song close to Lorin’s heart, as you’ll both hear and read about right now. So, have a listen and learn a thing or two (maybe even about yourself) as you hear from Lorin about the story behind this wonderful song.


Rachel Lorin discusses her new single “Kerosene”:

– “Kerosene” was written by Rob Endling, Curtis Martin, and myself back in November 2019. It’s one of the newer songs we’ve recently finished together and mutually one of our favourite tunes off the record. For everyone who knows me well, they know my first relationship was not an easy one. Of all the first loves I could’ve had… I ended up with the most challenging and toxic relationship ever. Every bit of lie or betrayal that could’ve happened, happened. So much of my record coming up is about the heartbreak I went through with my ex. Being young and not knowing any better, I stupidly stayed in an abusive relationship for six years thinking I could help or change or fix but never got anywhere. I was also struggling with the relationship being too public and people taking sides and commenting and messaging me their opinions. It was just a mess. I was a mess. Broken from all the lies, abuse, fights and disappointments that no one saw except for me.

Artwork for “Kerosene” by Rachel Lorin

“Kerosene” was written out in Las Vegas at Studio 77, which isn’t the most ideal city for singers since it’s such a dry place being in the desert but it’s always a nice escape for me. The “Kerosene” writing and recording process was most definitely therapeutic. It felt empowering and made me feel stronger within myself to finally know what I deserve… and not settle for anything less. I didn’t need therapy. I just needed to move on with my life and come back better than ever and stronger from the pain and debris he’d left me in. I rose above the insanity despite always having hope in the back of my mind it might work or he might change one day. You can’t spend your life praying your partner will change for you. They either love you and compromise and do what needs to be done to have a healthy relationship or they don’t. It took me too long to realize that.

Instead of lowering myself to depression and sadness I’d felt in the relationship, I chose to take the pain and put it in my art to heal. I channeled all the craziness I went through and recorded “Kerosene.” It was one of those songs that didn’t take long and didn’t need too much coaching. The emotions were already there on the surface. It’s as genuine and true to the heart as I can get. Rob, Curtis and I have an amazing sibling-like relationship so it makes our sessions super pleasant and easy going. All of our writing/recording sessions always end up being an escape and a therapy session for whoever needs it that day. We all enjoyed the process of making of this single since we’ve all been through the same thing. I am very excited to finally be releasing this baby.

My goal with “Kerosene” is to empower those going through a breakup or a tough situation. It’s to lift them and make them realize they’re not alone. Burn down all the bad memories and the toxicity and rise from the ashes. No matter how hard it is, respect yourself enough to walk away from a situation you’re not truly loved, respected or appreciated in. There’s someone out there who will worship you and who will deserve you.


Love you all!

Stay strong and don’t ever settle for less than what you deserve.