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Need a “Fix”? Get Yours with Body Salt’s New Music Video [Premiere]



“We all suffer, we all need a ‘Fix.’” Certainly, a poetic statement that can be interpreted in so many ways. Use your mind for a moment and we’re sure you’ll think just from how many different points of view such a statement can be thought.

While you get in some momentary philosophical thinking, let us introduce you to Body Salt and their brand new music video for “Fix.” This duo, comprised of Ezekiel Morphis and Jonathon Bruhin, is the driving force behind Body Salt, an outfit that combines powerful lyrics with rhythmic drums and heavy bass to create their own unique, darker brand of pop. Their songs are gripping; dark and honest, yet also uplifting and hopeful. Musically, they bridge the rather large gap between folk songwriting and electronic production which features not only fun dance beats, but also contemplative, emotional lyrics.

What makes “Fix” such an enjoyable listening experience is a result of its universal appeal. As the duo explains, “‘Fix’ is about embracing your true capacity and growth. The song looks at embracing where you are at in life, and taking responsibility for both the negative and positive aspects alike. It’s a relatable song of coping and dealing with suffering, as well as revitalizing our dreams, goals, and inner self. ‘Fix’ looks at the manifestation of strength and hope in order to change surroundings, behaviour, and mindsets, so we can live a beautiful existence.

We understand how important music is to people in times like these. Bringing joy to people and uplifting them is one of the main reasons we make music in the first place. The coronavirus situation has inspired us to be as relentless as possible to keep developing content and bring it to light in the world. It reminds us that we are leaders in our industry and that we have an important role in creating art that brings more love and togetherness in the world.”

With such uncertain, frightening times, it’s reassuring to know that some are using it as a time to be not only motivated, but also productive. At times, we must look to the worst of situations for inspiration to carry on, which is what Body Salt has accomplished so well with “Fix.” We can only hope that others follow their lead.

Artwork for ‘Dark Seed Bright Bloom’ by Body Salt