Salvatore Quagliariello, writing and performing under the name Mea Lux, is a young Italian musician combining ambient instrumentation, hypnotic electro pulse, and world bass tendencies into one sublime package. His tunes hum and crawl as unified pieces, symbiotic in their parts, but wholly functioning as one sonic organism. It’s not exactly revolutionary in the electronic music world, but it’s still damn good.

His newest tune, “Eleonor,” dropped March 9th, and Mea Lux is now generously offering it as a free song download. On the powerful tune, the artist says, “‘Eleonor’ is passion under the form of song. It represents the birth of an idea, its growth, our total dedication to it, what we believe is a victory and the subsequent realization that everything we do seems fairly pointless. So all we can do is just lie in our memories, thinking about all we’ve lost to achieve that goal.”

A definite must-listen for fans of electronic music, the song also calls to all musical appreciators; it’s a phenomenal mix of classic beauty and new age chaos, funnelled and homogenized expertly by Salvatore’s delicate touch. In a time where genre classifications carry less weight than ever, “Eleonar” is a reminder that, when music works, it truly just works. Download the tune, and allow yourself to explore new realms of aural artistry courtesy of Mea Lux.

Artwork for “Eleonor” by Mea Lux