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I challenge you to laugh at yourself.

I challenge you to do something totally out of the ordinary.

I challenge you to be yourself!

Life is short and we so often get bogged down in societal constraints without even realizing it. We wander and stray from our “self paths” and end up on obscure roads that intermingle and dance on a highway to nowhere. Yes, it’s a life that is tough to avoid, a rut that’s tough to break, and a choice that we all often face without knowing it. We wake up, we go to our various places of employment, and come home only to do the same thing over again… now and forever. The elders of ancient times… did they not do the same? Most likely…after all this is yet another cycle that forever exists within our bi-polar universe.

The point? Do the exact opposite of what you would. You stub your toe… well don’t freak, don’t cry, don’t say “FUCK!” Take a breath and smile. Try it! What do you have to lose? I bet it will prove to you what this entire rant is all about. We owe it to ourselves to force ourselves to be more. We have one life, one chance… so don’t hold back. Embarrass yourself, try smiling when someone pisses you off, and most importantly, don’t hold your emotions in…. let them ALL out (in controlled bursts)! Do something different, be yourself… and don’t care.

Live NOW forever.

Original post date: May 26, 2007, at 01:43 est

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