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Johanna Warren Flaunts Final ‘Chaotic Good’ Album Teaser, “Twisted”



Portland, Oregon’s Johanna Warren has shared “Twisted,” the final preview of her upcoming new album, Chaotic Good. The ten-track recording drops this Friday, May 1st, via Wax Nine/Carpark Records and was teased by the singles “Bed of Nails,” “Only the Truth,” and “Part of It”—all of which can be heard below.

Commenting on the newest song, Warren says, “Screaming is fun. I used to be too concerned with maintaining a certain crystalline prettiness in my high register to ever let myself go there. It was a very restrictive approach to such a versatile instrument as the human voice. But now that prettiness is something I specifically try to avoid. I’d much rather my voice sound rough and textured. I’m more interested now in trying to make as many different kinds of sounds as I can.”

Adding more colour to the album itself, Warren shares, “This album is about learning how to be with myself after a lifetime of codependent relationships. Chaotic Good is a phoenixing moment. Everything I’ve done before was just building the funeral pyre.”

Artwork for ‘Chaotic Good’ by Johanna Warren

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