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Healing The Fray Will Riff-Rock Your Day with Their “No Heroes” Video [Premiere]



How excited are we that there’s a brand new Healing The Fray song and music video? Um, can you say a lot? After a small detour towards the more melodic, poetic side of things with their single “Outside Looking In” (which we brought you first in March), the riff-rockers have returned to their heavy ways with “No Heroes.” “No Heroes” shows the band operating at their highest level within their comfort zone of heavy guitars, pounding drums, and impassioned vocals. It’s them doing what they do best, rocking the EFF out and bringing the energy that so few groups are able to gather up, let alone maintain through many years together.

“No Heroes” is featured on Healing The Fray’s soon-to-come new album, Autographed, wherein fans can find many more tracks like this one, so, if you like loud, punching riffs, then this is one for you! Band leaders Jeff Sandoval and Mike Araiza are already extremely well-regarded as musicians for their work with songwriter and guitarist Frank Hannon of Tesla, but branching out and doing their own thing with Healing The Fray couldn’t be proceeding much better than it already is. Sandoval and Araiza have been collaborating almost since they met and have been greatly assisted by producer Chris Collier, a third member of the band. Think of Collier as something of the glue that keeps Healing The Fray together, thanks to his assistance in helping Sandoval and Araiza fine-tune their sound and live presentation.

With the exciting new video now out, fortunately, Healing The Fray offered us a few minutes to chat about “No Heroes,” the accompanying music video, and forthcoming new record, Autographed.

“No Heroes” is another impressive riff-fest put on by the band. Explain to us how the primary guitar riff was created. It’s infectious to say the least!

Araiza: “Thank you! I was actually collaborating with my good friend Clint Lowery of Sevendust and I wanted to send him a riff that would potentially grab his attention and hopefully not only inspire him but, would meet the standards of heavy riffage that he is known for. Well, I sent it to him. I got positive feedback and that validation from him was all the encouragement that I needed and that is how this main riff was born.”

Sandoval: “This riff is great. We are always wanting to evolve and push ourselves to create something unique, but something that sounds familiar.”

Artwork for “No Heroes” by Healing The Fray

In terms of music videos, I’ve always had a preference for more performance-based videos so this is right up my alley. Where did you film this? I really like the contrast between the dark black and the white light.

Araiza: “Thank you, we appreciate that! We filmed this entire video in my home studio. Lighting, lighting and lighting. I reached out the Quasar Science guys and we ordered a set of lights for the vision of the video. We borrowed a black background from our photographer David Lynch and Jeff and I manned the camera to film each other. I did the edits and post-production.”

Sandoval: “Glad that you enjoyed it. We work at being very self-sufficient. We pride ourselves in meeting every challenge that comes our way. We were successful at creating the inner sanctum at Casa De Araiza.”

Your last single was the more poetic “Outside Looking In” while “No Heroes” is, I suppose, a more typical-sounding Healing The Fray song. What do you feel more comfortable with, the heavy riffed rock tunes or the more melodic stuff? Or perhaps it’s too hard to say?

Sandoval: “We try not to box ourselves in with a sound or vibe. Honestly, we like to write strong riffs with a melodic vocal melody. We want to connect with you, our listener, and provide you something you can relate to. Something that speaks to your inner psyche and somehow reaches your soul.”

Araiza: “Our comfort is to be uncomfortable because that is what makes us grow. We like to surprise and enlighten our friends with our music and we are fortunate enough to have songs like ‘Outside Looking In’ and ‘No Heroes’ on this album.”

What is the message you’re trying to get across with “No Heroes?” What are you trying to express with this song?

Sandoval: “I notice that human physical interaction was falling to the wayside. I enjoy people watching and noticed that most everyone was lost in their phone, tablet or some other electronic device. Our community was held hostage by this. It looks as though the population looking answers outside side their home or community. Idolizing reality stars, popular personalities with empty messages. The connection was somehow broken. We have a profound respect for our family. Making the time for your fellow man is needed more than ever.”

With how impressive this song is as well as “Outside Looking In,” it seems like it’s an exciting time to be a Healing The Fray fan. Are you going to keep rolling out new singles throughout the rest of this year?

Araiza: “Thank you. We really want to get out and perform these songs and like everyone else we are going have to wait until the time is right. So, we are taking a hard look at what 2020 will look like for Healing The Fray…”

Sandoval: “That is awesome of you to say! Thank you for being a great advocate for our music. We will continue to listen to our fans. They provide us our reason! Thank you for being part of Healing The Fray’s journey.”

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