If you’re climbing up the walls from being stuck inside for days, if not weeks at this point, well, we’re all in the same boat on this one. But at least we have music to get us by and Heads or Heads is providing an assist today with the brand new song (and lyric video) for “Climbing Up.” The track marks the return of Kansas City-based producer and filmmaker Alex Harbolt after his debut record, Am Enigma, dropped in 2018. “Climbing Up” is your first preview of what’s to arrive on Harbolt’s sophomore record, Low Angles, which will see its proper release on May 1st.

“Climbing Up” wanders off into the territory of nu-disco which Harbolt was inspired to pursue after he and his girlfriend visited Los Angeles. That visit pushed him to begin writing a loose concept record from the vantage point of a Kansas City artist, taking a look at California idealism and the drastic discrepancies between the two locations.

“‘Climbing Up’ is my first attempt at making disco,” comments Harbolt. “There’s a lot of references to the LA trip, you hear ‘in and out we go’ but literally it’s ‘In-N-Out.’ How could I not write about my first time there? On the bridge of the track, there is a recording of Nina Turner speaking at a Bernie Sanders rally in Queens, New York and she yells to the crowd ‘come on somebody,’ which was another moment I knew I wanted to include somewhere on the album. It just happened to fall there.”

Despite his talents as a songwriter, Harbolt kind of walked through the backdoor to a career in music. With a passion for film making, it was never an ambition of his to record music even though he had a talent for it. Am Enigma was originally planned to be a gift that Harbolt made for a close friend, with a few family members also hearing the record. Before he knew it, the album began gaining popularity once uploaded online and suddenly Harbolt had to give some serious second thought regarding his career ambitions.

The idea to record music was originally inspired by when he first visited L.A. and what a surreal change of pace it was when compared to living in rural Missouri. Needless to say, the vacation to L.A. has been nothing but beneficial to Harbolt with his creativity both as a songwriter and behind the camera.

Artwork for ‘Low Angles’ by Heads or Heads

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