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Devon Williams Delivers a Dizzying Video for Poignant New Single “Circus World”



Due out on May 1st via Slumberland Records, Los Angeles-based artist Devon Williams continues to tease his upcoming album, A Tear In The Fabric. Today, the indie artist has unveiled the dizzying and all-too-painfully-poetic depiction of the current state of the world via the music video for his single “Circus World.”

Commenting on the new clip, Williams shared, “With ‘Circus World’ I was having a lot of one-sided conversations, and my head kept spinning around in circles. But the world kept spinning and when I stepped out of my head, I felt out of touch. It’s sort of a tightrope between being lost in thought and then just floating through the world without looking for meaning. ‘Circus World’ is just feeling like everything is absurd, and finding the humor in it makes it a little more palatable. Am I a joke for always trying to find to humor in the world? Or is the world full of clowns? Really, it’s tough to decide when the joke has gone too far. The video was made by Mike Cullen. He’s made a handful of videos for me—‘Pendulum,’ ‘Puzzle,’ ‘Revelations.’ He and I pulled clips that represented the harsh contrast you’d find on TV and internet. It’s disturbing to try and navigate, and I think the clips show the absurdity of that contrast.”

The new, twelve-track album, A Tear In The Fabric, comes after an unusual five-year break for Williams and follows 2015’s Beyond the Beyond. Either way, it’s good to have him back!

A Tear In The Fabric Track Listing:

1. Followed Me Back
2. A Tear In The Fabric
3. In Babylon
4. Out Of Time
5. Domesticated
6. Deadly Turn
7. For My Memory To Collect
8. Snake In The Grass
9. Borderline
10. Slow Motion
11. Circus World
12. Peace Now?

Artwork for ‘A Tear in the Fabric’ by Devon Williams

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