Yep, Caninus was a dog-fronted metal band; the first one ever, if you can believe that! Well, after disbanding in 2011, the group is once again making noise but, rather than with music, it’s via the new line of band-branded dog collars. Caninus Collars has partnered up with big names the likes of Motley Crue, Motorhead and Slayer to offer dog lovers something truly rocking for their pets to proudly rep.

The new designs join other big-name bands Judas Priest, Misfits and Sick Of It All among this fun line of pet gear. The band’s driving force was always Rachel Rosen, who, according to a recent press release, thought of the Caninus Collars idea “…as she searched for more alternative style collars for her own dogs. Leaning towards skulls, tattoo styles drawings and Dia De Los Muertos themes, she knew she wasn’t the only one looking for something different. She spent much of her early days sewing special collars for her dogs, as well as the ones at the shelter she volunteered at, to help get them adopted. The company grew over time and found a niche in creating unique and alternative style collars.”

Caninus Collars give back to shelters and rescues by donating collars and leashes. All products are handmade in Orange, CA, USA.

Caninus Collars Slayer Edition
Caninus Collars Motley Crue Edition

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