Brooklyn-based R&B artist, Natie – who joined Beyoncé and Jay-Z as the violinist on their recent tour – is now readily entering the game herself with her debut EP, In the Key of Fall, out on April 17th. Self-ascribed as “sweet melodies and spicy beats,” the artist’s sound is a sultry, smooth exploration of the depths of neo-soul. The recent single, “Gone” –  featuring the vocal stylings of Rosehardt – is a perfect example of Natie’s deft knack for soaring across rich sonic palettes, like a catamaran slicing effortlessly through tranquil waters.

From her beginnings in Réunion – a French Island in the Indian Ocean – to her education in Australia and relocation to NYC, Natie has travelled the world and honed her craft meticulously, and she now joins us to help prep audiences for the imminent release of In the Key of Fall. Watch the videos for the EP’s first two singles, “Gone” and “HKHT,” plus the rest of the tunes, and enjoy the artist’s rundown of her five-track release.

1. “In Order To See: Reflection sur le thème de Caloubadia”

“This track is inspired from a traditional song from Réunion (my home island). I used instruments like the Gambri for the bass line and the Kayamb for the rhythm. It was important to me to open the EP with a tribute to my roots.”

2. “HKHT”

“‘HKHT’ is about embracing vulnerability as a beautiful and unique strength. Letting go of the ego and recognizing that sometimes life just feels a little sweeter next to that special someone.”

3. “Gone” ft. Rosehardt

“This track is a reminder of perseverance and manifestation. It took me many trials to find the right arrangement for this song to work, and I often thought of giving up. To have it out now, and featuring one of my favorite artists, Rosehardt, truly puts a smile on my face.”

4. “Interlude x Kins”

“This one is a little teaser for more collaborations with the very talented producer Kins. He used the BVs from an older track of mine (‘Thank U’). This song was actually the reason why Kins and I started exchanging music.”

5. “Summertime High”

“Nothing like a beautiful summer day! I wrote this one on a rainy cold day… my headphones broke, so I couldn’t listen to music on my way home. I started humming to myself: ‘I really wasn’t made for this weather, I want sunshine and days full of colors…’. I got home and wrote the track in a couple hours on my laptop.”

Artwork for ‘In the Key of Fall’ by Natie (image by Matthieu Hoareau)

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