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Viscera – ‘Obsidian’ [Album Review]

Read our review of ‘Obsidian’, the face-melting new album from UK tech-metal heavyweights Viscera out now on Unique Leader.



Although Viscera may be a newly-formed outfit their pedigree from within the tech-metal scene is second to none. Consisting of members and ex-members of scene heavyweights like Sylosis, Abhorrent Decimation, Martyr Defiled and Heart of a Coward, including the mighty vocals of Jamie Graham, to doubt whether the tech-metal scene needs another addition is a foolish one considering the armoury behind this debut album, Obsidian.

A blistering collection of songs, Obsidian is a jaw-dropping affair but you’d expect nothing less where Jamie Graham is involved. A potent cocktail of death metal blast beats, techy guitar work and Graham’s guttural howls, Obsidian pulls no punches. Recent single “Lamb to the Slaughter” is a savage tech/death metal assault and there is no let-up as the album batters into “Carpe Noctem” through the juddering “Affliction” and into the hellishly vicious “Hammer & Nails.”

Thankfully, there is a break as “Lilith” sees the group explore a different route towards the back end of the album where the introduction of a piano adds more depth to their savage onslaught. Don’t worry though, normal business is resumed as Viscera head into the home straight with ten-minutes of full-throttle, brain-mushing savagery in the form of the title track and “Silentum,” where the band are joined by Ricky from UK brutes Osiah and Kyle from Brand of Sacrifice. Now, if you were listening to Obsidian thinking the band would relent at some point, the final five minutes of this record should answer that question as they head out leaving no survivors.

Now, don’t be put off by the fact that this album is pure, unadulterated heaviness at it’s finest because there is so much more to it. If you’re a muso you love the quality of musicianship, if you’re a fan of epic metal, there is plenty of depth and atmosphere contained within these grooves but, when all is said and done, it all plays second-fiddle to a faultless display of face-melting tech-metal.

Obsidian Track Listing:

1. Delilah
2. Immersed In Ire
3. Lamb to the Slaughter
4. Carpe Noctem
5. Affliction
6. Lilith
7. Silentum
8. Obsidian

Run Time: 37:06
Release Date: March 6, 2020
Record Label: Unique Leader

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