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Vanessa Silberman is Full of Punky Energy on Her New Song “All The Kids” [Premiere]



If you’re a child born in the ‘80s and you still wish it were the ‘90s, then in all likelihood you remember that almost too good to be true Columbia House commercial for ten CDs for a penny. Well, without that magical deal, you may not have singer Vanessa Silberman because all those glorious CDs she got for that one penny (plus shipping and handling) helped her discover her love of music for the first time. That penny also was her very first gateway to a career as a musician!

Today, Silberman shares her new single “All The Kids,” one that’s officially out on April 3rd. The song arrives as part of her continuing one-song-per-month series leading up to the release of a brand new studio album by the end of 2020. Lyrically, “All The Kids” is inspired by the sheer honesty and innocence of children and how it is one of their most unique characteristics. Like all of her music, the song is self-produced, engineered, programmed, mixed and mastered all by Silberman herself.

“‘All the Kids’ is a song I wanted to be punky, energetic and playful, yet lyrically talks about personal and societal views as well as kind of makes fun of serious things in a childish way. I wrote the song really wanting to talk about how honest kids are – if you ever wanted to know the truth just ask a child… there not afraid and will just tell how it is. When kids are really young they still have a very pure outlook.”

Silberman continues, “When I was working on the song I really wanted it to sound loud, but poppy and heavy but a little different than my past material. I decided to mix elements of punk and grunge with hints of hip hop and pop production. I recorded, produced, played, programmed, mixed and mastered the song but when you’re doing everything yourself sometimes it’s tricky to keep a proper perspective. Sometimes you need to give it fresh creative ears at a certain point so I involved my drummer, Ryan Carnes, who helped with some creative input. He’s mainly in L.A. and I’m mainly in New York so it actually has ended up being very timely now since we have been virtually worked on songs the last 6+ months (in between us playing shows together in person). I’d email him a new mix with changes and then he would make suggestions on drum parts, adding certain hits or trying trimming something then I’d make his and my changes and then send him new mixes back..and we’d go back in forth til it was done. We both have had just such a blast working this way.”


While “All The Kids” consists of Silberman and all of her unique talent, some of her new songs will also feature guest appearances from other artists. You can also look for her out on tour again soon again (when we can start seeing shows again) with her near-obsessive love for the road, completing a remarkable 18 tours between 2015 and 2019, consisting of over 800 shows which include appearances at SXSW, NAMM and Vans Warped Tour! Vanessa Silberman was born to play music, and with her talents and work ethic, it’s no wonder her notoriety is continuing to grow.

Artwork for “All The Kids” by Vanessa Silberman