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Toronto Punks Service Delay Debut Their “Shores” Music Video [Premiere]



Toronto punk/hardcore outfit, Service Delay is a newer group worth keeping an eye on. Formed only a couple years ago, the four-piece blend pop-punk and heavy influences, crafting their own fun-yet-firm sound. “The band started when we all met in college. Our then singer and our then guitarist were playing in some indie band when they had an idea to start an early 2000’s-esque pop-punk band and added Andres, Carter and I. Dave replaced our guitarist shortly after. Our singer then moved back to Newfoundland and we divided up vocal duties and here we are,” explains bassist/vocalist Joe Galbrand.

Today, the group is unveiling a brand new video for their track, “Shores.” Released last spring as a single, the song subject’s matter resolves around finding yourself in a new place and adapting to your new situation. “‘Shores’ is about starting a new life in a place completely different from what you are used to. Dave (Galbrand, guitarist/vocalist) and I are from a smaller town in the Ottawa valley where there aren’t many tall buildings or big stadiums and what not so it’s a real shift going from that to Toronto. It’s also about missing home and eagerly waiting to go back to what you know.”

Fitting the ground covered in the lyrics, the video sees the band making a trek up to Pembroke, Ontario for a weekend gig at the end of 2019. Like many other smaller cities and towns around the province, the Galbrands explained the growth that seems to be happening to the music scene in their hometown. “Playing in Pembroke is always a great time. We got to catch up with our friends from the Valley and hang out with the dudes in the other bands outside of Toronto,” explains Dave.

“The weekend as a whole felt short-lived but a lot happened in a short amount of time. This year Andres and Carter got to drive up with our friend and videographer Desmond who got to film most of our weekend shenanigans. We couldn’t thank him enough for being so professional and so positive during his stay with us. Since being away from Pembroke I feel like the music scene has been on the up and up. There are now a few bars that host live events where bands and cover bands alike can perform!”

On top of the single and video, the group also pumped out a collection of songs last year as part of their release, Splash. The guys are slated to play a cover night at Oakville’s Less Than Level on April 17, dipping their toes into the work of Title Fight alongside Arms Length and two supergroups featuring members of some of Ontario’s biggest bands.

Artwork for “Shores” by Service Delay

Artwork for ‘Splash’ by Service Delay