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San Francisco Hardcore Band OBSOLETE MAN Recount a ‘A Short History of Decay’ [EP Premiere]



“Damn, dude, that’s Obsolete Man, man” is what you’ll be saying when this San Francisco quartet soon starts blowing up and catching the attention of hardcore fans everywhere. Well, we’re here to help you avoid the pitfalls of not being in the know. OBSOLETE MAN is thrilled to be releasing their debut EP, A Short History of Decay, on March 6th and, today, well ahead of schedule, we’re stoked to share the full stream.

A Short History of Decay marks the first big accomplishment for a very young group that is still feeling their way through their sound and presentation. It also marks a personal achievement, particularly for lead singer Robby Bancroft, who explained what this recording means to him; “This EP saved my life. I was and still am dealing with a ton of personal mental health issues but when it comes to the band, all of that disappears.”

Obsolete Man isn’t just a young act, they are a really young band, having formed only last year, in 2019. Drawing on influences from powerviolence, d-beat, grindcore and crust punk, their chemistry quickly began to take shape by simply jamming in the basement of a parking garage. Now, with five ripping tracks recorded at The Panda Studios by Charles Toshio, the guys are ready to emerge from that dank space to reveal themselves to the hardcore world and beyond.

A Short History of Decay Track Listing:



Upcoming Show Dates:

03/21 – Cassette Release Show, Peace & Justice Center, San Jose, CA (w/ ColdClaw, Grody, Rekt) (Facebook Event Link)

03/22 – Cassette Release Show, The Knockout, San Francisco, CA (w/ Bruja, Temptation 87, Rekt) (Facebook Event Link)

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