Maybe it’s all the human shit on the streets of San Francisco. Maybe it’s the water. Maybe it’s the patchwork of diverse legions of outcast people who make up the demographic of the city. Maybe it’s the legacy of west-coast hardcore punk and powerviolence. Whatever it is, this debut, titled A Short History of Decay, is intense, bold, and diverse. And it’s firmly establishing Obsolete Man as a force to be reckoned with.

The Frisco quartet follows in the same footsteps as luminaries like Mind Eraser and Nails, with added influences from the likes of Krallice and Integrity (I’m aware of how awesome that sounds, and it is). This is throat-mangled horror at the human condition flayed into a blood eagle, dragged out to a cliff face, and left to bake in the sun. It’s the type of savagery interspersed with abyssal bridges or floor-punching breakdowns that guarantees live shows brimming with hatred and malice.

If you’re looking for the latest entry into the powerviolence scene, you need to keep your eye on these guys.

A Short History of Decay Track Listing:


Run Time: 10:32
Release Date: March 20, 2020
Record Label: Self-Release