Always ready for a rumble, Lights of Marfa have come ready and equipped with a brand new “Battle Song.” Just one watch of their lively new performance music video for the song and you’ll see that these dudes can certainly hold their own. To call this band prolific would be an understatement. They have somehow managed to release thirteen singles in the last fifteen months and they are keeping that train moving with “Battle Song.” The name of the song is an accurate indication of lyrically what it’s actually about. As lead singer Benjamin Hatch explains, “The song is a retrospective rock anthem about the battles we face in life and coming to the realization that we all won’t live forever but our memories will live on long after we are gone.”

Every single released (which you can check out in this Spotify playlist and YouTube video playlist) in this remarkably productive period for the modern rock band were recorded, mixed, mastered, and released by the band themselves and keeping even more true to the DIY approach they take to their music, they even filmed and edited all the damn corresponding music videos as well. How’s that for some daily motivation?

If you’re wondering why the quartet chose to release their music in a rather non-traditional fashion, well it’s because they felt it was time to modify their approach to not only their music but also the band itself. Early last year, Hatch and guitarist Cory “Rizzo” Rozzoni meshed out a new conceptual approach where the band would maintain their old school rock n’ roll approach, but more aggressively embrace the modern realities of the music industry in which the digital age now sets the ground rules. The age of the full-length album has in a sense become a thing of the past and now singles reign supreme. So Rizzo and Hatch decided it was time to challenge themselves to adapt to such modern realities and when this was agreed to, it was time to get down to the actual business of executing their plan.

Well, they can rest assured that their plan has been carried out to its full potential. 2019 had ten singles and now there are even more to come. As Lights of Marfa continue to write new music, the next challenge is getting out on stage and adapting their live show. There’s little doubt they’ll be successful at this as well.

Artwork for “Battle Song” by Lights of Marfa

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