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Fab The Duo Talk Personal Freedom, Working with Mariahlynn, and Creativity Amidst Covid-19



The Brooklyn-based pop-rock band, Fab the Duo, who cheekily refer to themselves as “Boyfriends Who Sing Together,” have recently released their latest single, “No Prince Charming,” which features rising star and rapper, Mariahlynn. According to an interview with The Duo, all it took was one email to get her on board. This is definitely a thumbs up for the guys!

Composed of boyfriends Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile, they are defining themselves as the first bi-racial, gay couple to make it into the mainstream which allows for an interesting story. We caught up with the pair to chat about their newest single, the message they seek to tell the queer community, and how they are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your latest single, “No Prince Charming” features the gorgeous Mariahlynn. Tell us about working with her.

Fab The Duo: “She truly is gorgeous, talented, and an amazing person as well. It was a dream come true working with her. She’s been through so much and it was really inspiring seeing her work ethic. We developed a great friendship and she’s been so helpful helping promote the song and share with her fans.”

The song is a little different to previous work, with its pop sensibilities. Are you experimenting with new sounds or did the song just write itself?

“This is the first song that we released that was written by Greg and not Brendan, so it makes sense that it’s a little different. We try not to let genre define us, so we write what inspires us, whether it’s rock or pop or hip-hop or even country, as some people have suggested.”

You have chosen very uplifting messages in your songs. How have your backgrounds and experiences shaped these messages?

“We each came from very different backgrounds but somehow it still led us to each other. Everything we do is fueled by love and we want to share that love with the world. Even though our journey hasn’t always been easy and not everyone accepts us, we’re lucky enough to have people in our lives that support us no matter what.”

You’ve chosen to promote yourselves as a gay, bi-racial couple in a deliberate manner. What message would you like to send out to the world?

“Take the thing about you that people might have bullied you and build your persona off it. We are who we are so why hide it? Especially since we’re making history as the first bi-racial gay couple to break into the music industry.”

Artwork for ‘No Prince Charming’ by Fab The Duo

How supportive has the music space been? What have been some of the best moments?

“Overall the New York music scene has been very accepting, although it would be interesting to see how supportive a more conservative music city like Nashville would be. Still, it is no surprise that the most supportive spaces we play at are queer spaces.”

Speaking of being a couple, who make music together… I am sure this can be a strain at times. What would you say are the important values you each hold that make this work for you?

“Even before we became a couple, we vibed super well creatively. We have strong opinions and don’t always agree on everything but we always remember our love for each other and for Fab. Honestly, people ask us this question a lot but we pretty much always have a blast together.”

You met over Tinder, which is quite unusual, as I don’t think I have ever met a music duo that has done that! What was it about the other’s profile which drew you to them?

“We actually know quite a few couples who’ve met on Tinder, but it’s true that there probably aren’t many musical acts that met through the app! We both had pictures of us performing so that’s probably what drew each other in.”

Do you think working together as Fab the Duo has made you feel braver and more liberated as individuals? How has it changed you as people?

“Absolutely! It’s made us more comfortable in our own skin. When we’re in Fab mode it feels like we can conquer anything.”

You both have exceptional voices which I am guessing you were cultivating before you met. Before Fab the Duo, how were you living your music?

“Greg was pursuing musical theater while Brendan was trying to be a singer-songwriter. We spent about a year together pursuing our crafts individually before we happened to play a cabaret together and started forming this weird rock/pop/broadway-esque duo called Fab The Duo.”

Just because everyone is talking about it, I wanted to hear what your experience of Covid-19 has been. How has it affected your music-making?

“It’s been devastating to us because we haven’t been able to perform live. We had an epic show planned at The Cutting Room in New York that we’ve had to postpone. We have Pride shows in the works that may or may not be postponed due to the virus. We’re still finding ways to connect with our fans on social media and live streams, but of course, it’s not the same as interactions in person. We just hope that this passes soon and our community stays healthy.”

Considering how upbeat and positive you try to be, what would be your message to people at this time?

“Continue supporting one another and know that it will pass. If we as a queer community can get through the AIDS crisis and still come out resilient then we can get through anything. Art and music are so important right now, and once this crisis is over we need to remember to keep uplifting artists in our community.”

Fab the Duo with Mariahlynn