Welcome to the “Colony” of Saginaw. We’re glad to have you as a new member. Please get comfortable… That’s right, we’re talking about hardcorers Saginaw who have teamed up with their hardcore brethren Warp and Weft to release a brand new, self-titled, four-track split EP. Both bands share a lot in common with both hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota and each forming in 2018. Eric Burns, Jordan Koch-Engstrum, and Chris Woznicki formed Warp and Weft when they began work on writing their debut EP Patience, a noise rock record similar to what you’d hear from Anodyne, Playing Enemy, and Loma Prieta. The band plays a complex combination of noise rock, combined with mathcore and post-hardcore that is in a league of its own.

Saginaw are all too happy to operate within the sonic structure of hardcore. These dudes give it their all with a very clear goal; to basically create as much noise and distortion as possible. That’s not to say there aren’t a few tidbits of hard rock here and there, but don’t be mistaken, these guys are about as hardcore as hardcore is. When it comes to lyrics, they work to create a feeling somewhere between dread and absurdity, like waking up from a feverish dream. Musically, the trio creates blasts of punk rock noise that resemble the feeling of a disorganized conscience. Their arrangements can be meandering and the breakdowns and changes often come unexpectedly.

Knowing each other well from the local scene, Saginaw and Warp & Weft were all too excited to team up for this split-release and when is two never better than the price of one? Commenting on their two tracks on the EP, Saginaw stated, “The arrangement which eventually became ‘Colony’ dates back to late 2017 and initially was written on a baritone guitar and played at half the speed. As it went through subsequent iterations it became faster and faster. To my surprise this happened for everything I wrote from that period. ‘Vulture,’ on the other hand, is a new composition written after this experience. When Saginaw started I was listening to a lot of down-tempo, doomy artists, so naturally that’s what I defaulted to. Today I have more willingness to shake the snowglobe and see where the flakes land; making radical changes to tempo or arrangement helps me see what context the songs bloom in.”

Regarding their half, Warp & Weft simply commented, “We don’t want no salt on them potato Olés.”

We’re not really sure what that means, but we’ll go with it and prepare ourselves for a deep dive into some serious “noise…”

Upcoming Warp and Weft Tour Dates:

04/10 – 331 Club, Minneapolis, MN (w/ Falcon Arrow, Stilt)

Artwork for Saginaw, Warp & Weft split EP