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Enjoy ‘Each Bittersweet Drop’ of Kate Mills’ New Single “Turn To Me” [Premiere]



Please allow us to introduce you to the one, the only, Kate Mills, a talented young singer-songwriter ready to take on this crazy world of popular music. She brings openness and honesty to her musical approach, recounting her real-life story and putting it to gorgeous music you’ll soon discover on her debut full-length record, Each Bittersweet Drop. Due out this Friday, March 6th, we’re helping to preview the new album with the debut of Mills’ latest single, “Turn To Me,” a piano-heavy musing about life’s ups and downs, and how we ought to take it all in stride.

As Kate further explains, “I was just about to get married when I began writing this song, so I had been reading a lot of articles about what makes relationships successful or not. Oddly enough, that provided some of the initial inspiration for this song (I am a former social worker, after all, and I still love a good psychology article!). It’s kind of a prayer for my own marriage, a long life together, celebrating everything we walked through, both the good and the hard. And hopefully, like good wine, we get better with time. That’s why I chose a line from this song as the title for the album, recognizing that each drop of life, both the bitter and the sweet are important in helping us become who we are meant to be.”

As Mills alluded to above, before taking music more seriously as a career, she was employed as a social worker, a job which she enjoyed, but one that she eventually realized was holding her back from pursuing what she really wanted to do. It became a safe space for her, satisfying but ultimately unfulfilling and restraining. Now that she has left that chapter of her life behind, she feels more self-assured. The songs contained on Each Bittersweet Drop reflect both the good and the bad of her last five years, which has included the job change, getting married, and being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which has resulted in numerous hospital stays. This love, grief, and disappointment has all been channelled into her disarming new record.

No longer afraid to admit that music is her calling in life, Kate Mills proceeds with confidence, experience, and resilience as she embarks on this new, and hopefully lengthy chapter of her life.

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