There’s a Distant Thunder rumbling on the horizon, and you can blame progressive rock band Habu for the forthcoming storm of sound. It’s new album time for the power trio, their third proper studio record which follows two highly regarded albums to kick off their mounting rock conquest. Distant Thunder is a deeper dive into the art of songwriting and progressive rock, with the group feeling more comfortable with their process now on album number three. More comfortable pushing themselves when writing this record, it only worked to the guys’ benefit as Distant Thunder features Habu’s most mature songwriting yet.

While determined to remain a three-piece, Habu relies heavily on their unofficial fourth member, producer Joel Kurta, who was integral to the entire songwriting process involved in creating Distant Thunder. Kurta worked well with the band but was also demanding when needed, even making the members work for hours on a single bar or two just to get it sounding the best it could. Lead singer Alex Body displays a smooth tenor voice which translates well into catchy melodies, while Andy Clark can riff the night away on his guitar, and Alex Dunbar backs things up with his original percussion arrangements.

Together now for roughly eight years, Habu has exposed thousands of people to their unusual time signatures and unconventional song structures. Some of their most successful moments as a touring act have come playing Cambridge Rock Festival and opening for Uli Jon Roth and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. With the album coming tomorrow, you should get used to hearing Distant Thunder.

Distant Thunder Track Listing:

1. Whirlwind
2. Panorama
3. Wireless
4. The Arrow
5. Nuke the Moon
6. These Walls
7. Operation Paperclip
8. Goodbye

Artwork for ‘Distant Thunder’ by Habu

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