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Travel to a Futuristic World with OurGlassZoo’s New “Astronaut” Music Video [Premiere]

Vancouver’s electronic rock quartet OurGlassZoo is thinking of future possibilities with the debut of their new music video for “Astronaut,” the lead single off their soon-to-be-released new album Hindsight (Sony Orchard).



If you were going to design a zoo with tigers, lions, elephants, etc, putting them behind glass probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea, would it? Maybe if it was really strong glass… While you think of that absurd possibility, allow us to introduce you to OurGlassZoo, a quartet that specializes in a fierce blend of electronic rock and synth-pop. They have a new EP titled Hindsight set for release soon through Sony Orchard and, while we wait for that, we have their new music video for “Astronaut” to tide us over. (Find more of their music via Spotify or Apple Music).

The new song leans heavily on electro-rock and fits well with the video’s concept which depicts a futuristic setting. Despite the setting, though, it’s meant to be most relevant to the modern world. This is the first official video to come from their new release and it features some star power, with Georgie Daburas from the Netflix show Sabrina, and Karissa Ketter of Kim Possible both guest-starring. That’s some star power and credibility right there!

Get a glimpse of the potential future in the new music video for “Astronaut”:

Commenting on the new video and what’s to come for this year, the group said, “The band is excited to release the new single ‘Astronaut’ and the EP entitled Hindsight through Sony Orchard. The music video was a special experience for us all as we got to work with an established actor in Georgie Daburas and up-and-coming actress Karissa Ketter (Firefly Lane), but also an experienced crew that is active in the local film industry and went above and beyond to make it a success. 2020 will be a big year for OurGlassZoo as we have just signed with a new label (Volunteer Media), will release the EP and single through Sony Orchard alongside a new music video that is complemented by a Western Canada tour, a performance in the Uptown Music Festival and by headlining several local shows.”

The new album was recorded in OurGlassZoo’s native Vancouver with the Juno-winning producer Tom Dorbzanski (The Zolas). It’s a large step forward for a band that has been building momentum for quite some time. They got their big push from the reception to their debut EP, highlighted by the fact that it made it to the final four of The International Songwriting Competition which has featured mainstream artists as judges such as the late great Chris Cornell, Tom Waits, Lorde, and Kaskade. With lots of touring on the way, 2020 will be the year of OurGlassZoo.

Hear more with the song “Somehow Somewhere”:

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