UK Midlands trio The Outlines’ latest EP, House Of Thieves, is the fourth release in as many years for the band. Their sound has walked the spectrum of Camden Market rock, with firm nods to pop-punk and indie rock respectively, and their amalgam of influences, such as Rise Against, Green Day, and Arctic Monkeys, has seamlessly been tapped across four different releases.

On this latest EP, the effect is pure hit-hunting. This is the kind of electric rock that stands firmly in the back of pubs, sporting a leather jacket, Vans sneakers, a nose full of speed and a pint in hand, chanting along to the crowd. “House Of Thieves” is neither sinister riff-making nor serial piss-taking, but instead something more like punk rock that’s been groove-laden. It has enough pop sensibility to make it an appealing listen, but is it something you can return to, time after time?

The answer is yes. The band is less interested in ‘making a statement’ and more hell-bent on charging you up and making you move. To this end, The Outlines deliver in spades. While this EP may have less than nine minutes to show for it, it manages to pack wallops of riffs inside its run time. In the same vein as contemporaries like Fizzy Blood, The Outlines are maintaining a level of output that demonstrates they’re poised to continue blowing away venues across the UK, and abroad.

House Of Thieves Track Listing:

01. Man Down
02. Mind Trip
03. House Of Thieves

Run Time: 8:51
Release Date: February 28, 2020
Record Label: Self-Released