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The Motion Mosaic Sift Through ‘Avant-Garbage’ to Deliver Their Rad “Capital Offense” Music Video [Premiere]

If you’re guilty of a “Capital Offense” then you’ve come to the right place! Find redemption with the premiere of the latest music video from Minneapolis progressive metal band The Motion Mosaic.



There isn’t a band in the world that is more Avant-Garbage than The Motion Mosaic. In saying such a thing, you may assume that we’re trying to diss the group when, in actuality, we’re just cleverly referencing the name of their brand new album, due out on February 22nd. (pre-order now via Bandcamp.) To get you hyped for the record’s release, we’re today revealing the quintet’s brand new music video for the third single “Capital Offense.“

Avant-Garbage is the sophomore album from The Motion Mosaic, a progressive metal/mathcore five-piece based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Forming in 2016, the guys wasted no time in recording their debut record, Samsara, which saw its release in July of that year. It’s been a bit of a wait, but one that was worth it, with ten new intense, accessible tracks that are both more mature and more well-rounded than what you found on Samsara.

Commenting on “Capital Offense,“ lead singer Spencer Hanton pointed out the lost focus today on the actual lyricism of hard music. “When beginning to write for Avant-Garbage, a quote which constantly rang through my head was Zack de la Rocha saying, ‘I see so much focus on music these days and not on the words being said. I think in order to communicate in hardcore, the lyrics must be at the forefront of every song.’ ’Capital Offense’ was one of the first completed songs for the album and with that focus in mind, the lyrics and theme are pretty direct.“ When you’re talking about a lyricist, there is perhaps no better influence than the brilliant word-smithing of de la Rocha.

Avant-Garbage isn’t just a catchy album name either; it’s a play on words that highlights The Motion Mosaic’s desire to get away from contrived, artificial music and move closer to their actual musical tastes and personal attributes. The album was recorded at Backroom Studios in New Jersey in an attempt to take a breather from the comforts of their hometown. It was also due to the opportunity to work with the very well-respected Kevin Antreassian, known for his production work with Dillinger Escape Plan, The Number 12 Looks Like You, and John Frum. Antreassian was integral in showing the band what it takes to produce their unorthodox approach to heavy metal. With newfound knowledge, maturity and, of course, a new record, The Motion Mosaic are ready to make themselves seen, but also heard.

Avant-Garbage Track Listing:

01. Broke Roads
02. Capital Offense
03. Nirvana
04. Solar
05. DMT Daydream
06. Highway Amnesia
07. Cancer and Cure
08. Lunar
09. Blue Skies Over Bedlam
10. Muad’Dib

Upcoming Tour Dates:

02/22 – Seward Café, Minneapolis, MN (album release show)
02/29 – Lefty’s Live Music, Des Moines, IA

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