In the early ‘90s, the grunge scene erupted and birthed some of the most important bands, not just in rock, but for the music world as a whole. The likes of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and of course, Stone Temple Pilots have played a pivotal role in influencing artists to this very day, making the grunge revolution an important mark on history.

Like many of the aforementioned bands to come out of this era, Stone Temple Pilots are no strangers to tragedy, not to mention suffering from turbulence between vocalist, the late Scott Weiland (who passed away of an overdose in 2005), and the rest of the group, brothers Dean and Robert DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz. The unrest between bandmates led to not one, but two splits from Weiland, the second marking the moment where Chester Bennington would step up for a short period prior to his death in 2017. All was not lost, however, as in 2017 X Factor runner up, Jeff Gutt took the helm and in 2018 the Stone Temple Pilots released their self-titled album, Stone Temple Pilots, an exceptional return to form for the group.

Now, with Gutt fully assimilated into the band, the Stone Temple Pilots release Perdida, a very different beast to its predecessors. For starters, it is a fully acoustic record that has moved away from the group’s grunge roots and utilizes a more folky/bluesy style. The recording opens with the emotionally-driven “Fare Thee Well” which delivers an almost gospel feel curtesy of the subtle backing vocals and the addition of piano notes. It is a strong intro to what will be a touching collection of tunes that explore pain and loss. In fact, Perdida’s Spanish translation is ‘lost.’ “Three Wishes” pushes the album forward by throwing various string instruments into the mix, like the violin and cello, which beautifully complements the rich-sounding guitars and Gutt’s sentiment-filled lyrics.

“Years” and “She’s My Queen” deliver a hint of the band’s grunge roots, but still maintains the melancholy direction Perdida has taken. They are both very sombre whilst still delivering a glimmer of positivity, an approach the group pulls off flawlessly.

The Stone Temple Pilots have poured their hearts and souls into Perdida and it shows. The music and songwriting is a credit to the band pushing forward the way they did despite the difficult and sometimes painful path they have trod. However, without the suffering they have endured it is highly unlikely the true brilliance that is Perdida would have ever come to fruition. It is a very different record to 2018’s Stone Temple Pilots, which, for fans waiting in anticipation for more of the same, may face disappointment. This said, as already stated above, it is nonetheless a masterpiece that should be experienced.

Perdida Track Listing:

01. Fare Thee Well
02. Three Wishes
03. Perdida
04. I Didn’t Know the Time
05. Years
06. She’s My Queen
07. Miles Away
08. You Fooled Yourself While Losing Your Heart
09. I Once Sat at Your Table
10. Sunburst

Run Time: 43:10
Release Date: February 7, 2020
Record Label: Warner Music