Taken from their upcoming debut EP, COEPIO, London-based alt-dance trio, ENTT, have unleashed a lively indie/dance jam entitled “Break Free” and you can check it out now as we’re exclusively premiering this rock banger right here.

Bust out your best moves with ENTT’s rock-inspired dance banger “Break Free”:

The band, who formed in 2017, had this to say about the track: “”Break Free”, the lead single for COEPIO, was written about a year and a half ago, when all three of us went through a phase of listening to British rock, 60’s, 70’s and alternative music, heavily guitar driven. We wanted to create something like it was plucked straight from these genres, but also keep the project true to ENTT’s image. Kaan started with the production and began with the heavy lead guitar and different synth sounds, before Mary came up with the lyrics for Break Free. We knew we wanted the melody to be something quite poppy and euphoric, but also intertwine this with British and Rock influences that were inspiring us at the time. “Perfect Lady” was then thrown about, and soon enough it fitted in with the whole idea of “Break Free”.”

Away from their music, the group run their own recording studio with plenty of collaborations coming with artists who pass through their doors. With that in mind and the fact that we agree, the track is an absolute banger, we had a quick chat to the group to find out what they’re all about.

We’re premiering your new single, “Break Free”, today. For readers who haven’t clicked the link above yet, what will they get when they do ?

ENTT: First and foremost, we’d like to say thank you to Pure Grain Audio for featuring our release and we’d like to thank our PR Team at Copacetic during this release, it means a lot to everyone. For anybody that hasn’t clicked on the link above, they can expect a track that brings a lot of energy, love, emotion, soul and of course… something purely British & Alternative. “British” is also the one word we’d use to describe “Break Free”, as it incorporates so many different elements from Alternative and Rock genres, something you’d hear from old 60’s & 70’s rock songs. We have combined these influences with our passion for electronic and dance music, to create a complete mash up of genres and feel-good emotions.

“Break Free” is also a special project to us, as it defines, through the lyrics, more about who we are as a band. The idea of “Perfect Lady” was thrown about in the writing process and we knew it’d be a great idea. With Mary, ENTT’s lead singer, expressing her emotions for the perfect lady, she takes her stand with the LGBTQ+ community. The other band members, Kaan and Elliott, are always driving her to overstep new boundaries that appear, to define us further as artists and individuals.

Is it a good indicator of your upcoming EP, COEPIO? And what else can we expect from the EP ?

ENTT: “Break Free” is a great indicator for not only what will be coming up on the rest of COEPIO, but also what may be heard from us in the future. Our debut EP contains a lot of different influences, production and songwriting ideas that have been harnessed and evolved into something we are so passionate about. COEPIO contains projects that were written at different periods of time, over the two and a half years since ENTT formed. We are passionate about spreading our love for Alternative and Electronic music, and with COEPIO, we are fully enforcing this. It is a compilation of songs highlighting the birth of ENTT.

COEPIO? What’s the meaning behind the title ?

ENTT: COEPIO is a latin verb, and the english translation is purely “to begin” or “to commence”. As everyone knows, making significant progress in the music industry is always hard when you’re at the grass roots, upcoming or unsigned level. There will always be obstacles thrown your way in this life, and COEPIO is our reply to this challenge that has been thrown our way. This project is the start of ENTT’s journey in the music industry, and we are wanting to tackle every step with a purpose.

When creating the EP title we wanted something that would stand out from the crowd, and be obscure at first glance. Any english speaker would see the word COEPIO, and ask themselves “what in the world is that about?”, unless your fluent in latin of course. With our debut EP, we have to show anyone who is interested that we are diverse, fresh and new.

From Depeche Mode to The Cranberries, that’s quite a range of influences. How would you define your sound ?

ENTT: To understand where our range of influences come from, you have to understand every band member’s journey through the music industry, right up until we sit here and answer this question right now. Mary has been heavily influenced by British Rock & Alternative music right from the start of her career, and bands such as Muse, The Cranberries and even Evanescence influences her writing. Combine this with Kaan, head of production for the band, who from a young age has been influenced with 80s electronic music, alternative and dance music, and Elliott with dance and urban influences, this trio has a wide variety of inspiration. We try and understand how our influences can help us create something unique, by listening and talking about branching out ideas into different areas of Alternative Dance.

See how those influences shape the sound with this live performance of the track “Thatch”:

Combined you have over 15 year experience in the music industry, what have you learned about the industry in that time and how have you changed as artists ?

ENTT: Every single one of us has gone through a lot, during our time in the music industry. We have all made progress individually and as a unit, and we have learnt that pulling each other through thick and thin helps us a huge amount. Having like minded people around you, and working towards the same goal together has helped us progress, and now we understand so much more about the music industry. We have been lucky enough to work with and meet so many hard working, like minded individuals in the music industry, who have given us little snippets of information and tips that have helped us develop so much.

With all that we have learnt and experienced, we really understand and appreciate the necessary struggles an artist has to go through, but also how much we can rely on others around us to help boost our potential, as well as helping those people as well. When we perform live, we always give 100%, as those people who support you in the days of being an upcoming artist, will always be the ones to pick you back up and dust you off when you need it the most.

What about the live show, how does the sound translate and is there a visual element to your show ?

ENTT: With our live show, we always try to put on a spectacle for everyone. The music is very important of course, but also how we approach live shows as a band can really be the key to getting everyone engaged and to actually making the whole night successful. The support and energy we get always drives us when we are on stage, and any performer who has been on stage will empathise with us when we say there is no other feeling like performing to a crowd that enjoys your performance. It just drives you so much!

Our music is a mix of alternative and dance music, and therefore we incorporate different parts of a track into our live sets, in which we perform. As well as a guitarist joining our live set to add the alternative, grungy and british rock feel, we use a variety of synth sounds, as well as lead singer Mary using a sample pad to create effects when we play live. These different elements add to the whole visual spectacle, help us to put on a performance that anybody being introduced to ENTT will remember.

You run your own studio collaborating and working with other artists, who’ve you worked with that you think we should be looking out for in 2020 ?

ENTT: Our studio is basically our home and our workplace. We have spent many hours there, including some nights on the studio sofa, to work on and create COEPIO. It has allowed us to meet some amazing artists and other music industry professionals. Lately, we have been working with some great acts, and we know over 2020 they will be working hard to put out their new projects. State Wild are one act, and we are hopefully working with them for a project that will be released later on this year. IAMSUUBI, who we collaborated on with “Gonna Rain Anyway”, is also working hard on some new content that should be released this year.

Here’s what happened when ENTT teamed up with IAMSUUBI for “Gonna Rain Anyway”:

ENTT Studios has been running for just over 4 years now, and we have seen some amazing artists come through and record their content. Kaan and Elliott run the production, recording, mixing and business side of things, and when Mary joined up with ENTT, she became heavily involved with helping songwriting services for clients.

Now the single is out, what can we expect from ENTT over the rest of 2020 ?

ENTT: Well the rest of 2020 is looking healthy for ENTT in terms of progress. First of all we have the release of COEPIO on 21st February, as well as the release of the music video for “Break Free” which we are very excited to show everyone. Then building up to the summer we have more live shows, and two more single/EP releases planned, before the summer. We have applied to a variety of different music festivals across the UK, and so hopefully you’ll be able to catch us live at one of them!

ENTT release COEPIO on February 21, 2020 so make sure you keep up with all the news ahead of it’s release at ENTT’s Official Website.


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