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JULIA ANRATHER’s New Track “Dorothy” is as Good as “One Perfect Rose”

Indie pop musician Julia Anrather recently shared a single titled “Dorothy” and it demands to be heard.



NYC native amd indie pop musician Julia Anrather recently shared a single titled “Dorothy” and it demands to be heard so why not check it out below, or on Spotify here.

Commenting on the single, which includes a sample of Dorothy Parker reading from her poem “One Perfect Rose,” Anrather said, “I was listening to a lot of ‘Masseducation’ and ‘Anti’ when we were working on this tune, so while both I and my co-producer Ryan Dieringer thought we were making an indie rock record, the sound I was looking for wound up being new territory for the both of us. We wound up making hundreds of drafts of the track, but because it didn’t come easy. ‘Dorothy’ represents a really full and specific collaboration between the two of us, which I’m grateful for.

“A moment that came very easily though was when Taja came by to record synths. I think we’d scheduled 4 hours with her, but she shows up, decides to play around with the DX7, it turned out the DX7 was broken but she forges ahead, builds a patch that we can’t recreate unless we break the DX7 again and then plays that wailing synth line that is now my favorite part of the song. I think we were done in an hour and then just ate dinner, it was ideal.

“Dorothy Parker got involved when we heard a recording of her reading her poem ‘One Perfect Rose’ and decided that her voice with that eerie 1950s affect and that poem–about tired romantic tropes–made her the perfect hype woman for this song. (A sidebar is that I had to license the recording from the NAACP because she left her estate to Martin Luther King Jr. and, when he was assassinated, it went to the NAACP. I didn’t think anything could make me like Dorothy Parker more but this info definitely did.)”

Expect Julia to release more new tracks in 2020, including collaborations with Dan Kleederman (Grand Kid), Alex D Goldberg, Taja Cheek (L’Rain), Vishal Nayak, Kyle Miles, Katie Jacoby, Kaley Puckett (Puck), and Nick Hakim.

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