As a young, up and coming singer-songwriter Jacob Dixon is working hard to “find his place” as a musician. He’s a talented songwriter who is trying to jumpstart his career to a whole new level with the upcoming release of his new EP Lionheart, due out in April. With the first tease of what’s to come on this exploration into folk music, Dixon has released his brand new single “Find My Place,” a song that runs slightly away from the artist’s comfort zone of indie-folk towards indie rock and pop punk. You can pre-order the song now via Spotify. It was the last song to be written for Lionheart and perhaps the one song that is most personal to Dixon as it explores his pent up desire to find his place in the world today.

In his own words, Dixon said, “Find My Place’ came out of feeling like I don’t yet fit into the adult world. It is about wanting to find the place where I fit in, where I use my talents and get to do something I’m passionate about. I feel like we are all hardwired in a certain way with different passions and talents, it’s worth pursuing those things that move you. Sonically, I wanted to capture some of the pop-punk angst in music that I loved growing up (and still love).”

Currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dixon’s new EP Lionheart investigates the fearlessness he displayed as a child, the difficulties of the transition to adulthood, and the uncertain process of trying to figure out just who you are and who you are going to be. Musically, Dixon draws from the instrumentation of Mumford & Sons, the lyrical creativity of an artist like Noah Gundersen, and the vocal stylings of Ed Sheeran. Dixon is a versatile artist, capable of playing coffee shop with an acoustic guitar or leading a band on stage in front of a substantial audience. He is an artist for those who are looking for a relaxed approach to their music which he’s perfectly content with.


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