We usually bring you the newest of new music videos, albums, and songs from specific bands, but let’s change it up a bit, shall we? Green Witch Recordings is a well-respected, DIY cassette and vinyl label out to support the most alternative of alternative artists who are seeking exposure. Based in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, Green Witch exists and is completely structured around the idea of the independent artist who’s looking for some support in getting their music heard. That’s where Green Witch comes in, providing you with some of today’s best underground music while ensuring they protect the integrity of their artists and the music that they create.

That’s why Green Witch has decided to begin highlighting the talent of their artists in a series of compilations, with the first being Audio Spells Volume 1, set for release on March 1st (pre-order now), but here for your listening pleasure two days early. The compilation release includes the best of the best of Green Witch’s eclectic pool of underground talents, including songs from Color Card, Shallow Waves, Forever Fatale, Cool Heat, Mothra Stewart, Chill Russell, The Black Fever, Teen Idle, The Voices, and The Deeps.

Green Witch Founder Marc LeFebvre shed some more light on the thinking behind the idea and release of the compilation. “At Green Witch Recordings, we have a passion for curating the best underground indie, psychedelic, shoegaze, lo-fi, and bedroom pop. This compilation cassette represents the physical manifestation of that passion. In an age of disposable, throw-away social media culture, Green Witch Recordings and the Audio Spells Compilation Series stand for the belief that rock n’ roll is about so much more than social media followers and brand awareness. It’s about creating something authentic, real, and lasting. It’s about engaging with the music physically, holding it in your hand, and experiencing the warm, analog hiss move across your speakers. We’ve all experienced the high of being the first of our friends to know about a band or artist. It’s like your own dirty little secret. I’ve personally been chasing that feeling since I was a teenager, and I think this compilation delivers it.”

Lefebvre and Green Witch should be commended for their approach to music. There are very few people in the industry who still respect the artist and ultimately the music, and Lefebvre ensures to always show his appreciation for the artists truly deserving of it. That’s why we decided to catch up with Lefebvre to ask him a few questions about the background behind Green Witch Recordings and the release of Audio Spells Volume 1.

Before I ask you about your new cassette compilation release, give us a brief history of Green Witch Recordings. What’s the story behind the formation of the label and what year did it take place?

Marc LeFebvre: “We started Green Witch Recordings in 2019, because we love obscure, independent music. With the fairly recent developments in recording technology, artists are able to do a lot of the writing and recording of their music themselves. That’s not strictly the case with our artists, but it is prevalent in today’s music industry. Another recent development in music is the digital streaming phenomenon. In a lot of ways, digital streaming is a really great thing. The ability for fans to stream music has brought the once flailing music industry back from the brink of extinction. It allows fans to access music anywhere at any time. But what’s lost in the chase for high streaming numbers, social media followers, and digital marketing opportunities, is the physical product and the authentic listening experience.

As indie artists ourselves, we are obsessed with analog. I personally love to hold a cassette or vinyl in my hands. I love to look at the artwork, add to my collection, and listen to the warm, hiss of that tape moving across my speakers. It’s an authentic music listening experience. It’s nostalgic, its familiar, and it’s how we think music should be listened to. So we started a label centered around that principle.”

I admire your mission of having a label by indie artists, for indie artists, and giving a platform to the underground. How do you discover the talent that you have ended up releasing albums for?

LeFebvre: “Most of our bands have come to our attention through social media, sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud, submissions through our website or Instagram, and through good old-fashioned scouting. We aren’t looking for a particular sound or style. We just know what we like. When we hear a group or artist that we think would be a fit, we try to find a way to work with them. We are constantly looking for new talent and encourage emerging artists to reach out to us through our website, by email, or even by sliding into our Instagram DMs.”

Audio Spells Volume 1 is the first in an upcoming series of cassette compilations that acts as a platform for the artists currently working with Green Witch Recordings. What gave you the idea to do this type of release?

LeFebvre: “Compilations have always been cool! When I was a kid I used to discover new music all the time through compilations put out by various labels. Even now, people listen to Spotify playlists to discover new music. This is the same thing, just… on cassette! So it’s actually cooler. But in all seriousness, there’s something to be said about the joy of discovering new music. Being the first of your friends to know about a band is such a great feeling. You’re torn between showing everyone your new discovery, but also not wanting to overexpose your favorite dirty little secret. I love that feeling. It’s a high I’ve been chasing since I was a teenager, and I think this compilation series delivers that high.”

What about the process for putting together the compilation? What did that consist of? And was it a challenge to put it all together and please all involved?

LeFebvre: “It wasn’t a challenge in regards to dealing with divas and egos. The challenge was more in coordinating a bunch of shoegaze, psychedelic, and drug pop bands. It’s like herding cats. But we really enjoyed putting together the compilation itself, and I think it flows nicely. It really feels like an album unto itself.”

It may be difficult for you to choose just one thing, but if you had to say, what do you think is the best aspect of this release? What makes this a worthwhile compilation?

LeFebvre: “From my personal perspective, I’m just so happy to be able to share these bands with the world. We truly believe in all of the bands on our label. So that satisfaction is the best aspect of this release for me. For fans, I think what makes it worthwhile is that it’s this really cool little collector’s item. It’s a limited edition, marshmallow pink cassette, with some really great psychedelic artwork from Audrey Herbertson. And oh yeah, it has some awesome music on it!”

With this being just Volume 1, when can we expect to see Volume 2 arriving? Are you starting the process of pulling that release together?

LeFebvre: “Very perceptive. Yes, we are already well into the process of herding the cats for the sequel. We’ve got some new bands on the roster that we will be announcing shortly. I’m thrilled about some of the new additions to the label. And of course, there will be some familiar faces coming back for round two, as well! We plan on putting Volume 2 out in the Summer of 2020.”

Audio Spells Volume 1 Track Listing:

01. Color Card – Unsound
02. Shallow Waves – SCREAM
03. Forever Fatale – David Bowie
04. COOL HEAT – Always On Time
05. Mothra Stewart- The Crush
06. Chill Russell – Sound the Alarm
07. The Black Fever – Kettling
08. Teen Idle – Dreaming
09. The Voices – Vertigo Transcends
10. THE DEEPS – On Wings


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