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Graveslave Deliver Some Manic Energy with Their “Grotesque Hybrid” Guitar Playthrough Video [Premiere]

If you’re not already feeling enough Devotion to Graveslave, well, we’re here to make you an even bigger devotee with the premiere of their new guitar playthrough video for “Grotesque Hybrid,” off the new Trvasfuk Music EP, Devotion.



If you’re not already feeling enough Devotion to Graveslave, well, we’re here to make you an even bigger devotee. Earlier this month, we got to know these guys a little better with their revelation of their “Top 10 Worst Ways To Die” list and today we’re keeping the ball rolling with the unveiling of the band’s new guitar playthrough video for “Grotesque Hybrid,” a song that will be featured on their upcoming EP Devotion, due for release on March 6th through Trvasfuk Music (pre-order via Bandcamp).

As we previously revealed, this will be the first of two sister EPs which will each take you through five tracks of the group’s violent assault on your ears of death metal, thrash, and grind. The two EPs were heavily influenced by the cult card game Magic: The Gathering which the band took and fused into something musical and expressive.

Of all of the tracks featured on Devotion, “Grotesque Hybrid” holds a special place for the band members as it features some of their best songwriting to date. As guitarist and singer Roman Non reveals, “This is probably my favourite track on the record, for many reasons. It’s manic energy the whole way through and has so many sick riffs. The solo, in particular, combines a few of my favourite lead techniques in pretty rapid succession. I love to play it and I love how it sounds. Our buddy at Voida Visual did the video and was super smooth to work with, shooting was a breeze and took only minutes. Lyrically, the song is about irrational paranoia, and I think the music fits that vibe really well. It’s also named after one of my favourite old trading cards. The artwork on it is brutal.“

Formed in 2014, Graveslave has been grinding away at their craft and their live prowess right from their inception. Non is the one who helped bring the band together when he found musical commonality with drummer Ben Fagerness and bassist Josh Burke over their admiration of blast beats. Tragically, they lost their original lead singer Don “Doombringer” Durkee last year, which put the band temporarily on ice. After some personal and musical bonding, they have reemerged with new lead singer Ashton George. With Devotion about to “hit the streets,” the time is now to become a slave to the grave.

Listen to some more from Devotion with the music video for “God of Slaughter.”


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