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Gold Coast Rockers IN EYES List Their Top 10 Most-Anticipated Australian Heavy Records of 2020

Gold Coast rockers In Eyes gift us a slamming Top 10 list of their most anticipated Australian heavy records of 2020, including The Amity Affliction, Stand Atlantic and Closure in Moscow.



In Eyes are an alt-rocking trio from Gold Coast, Australia who push their melodic, heavy tunes with practiced and confident ease. Based around the shining vocal work of Rosie Jacobson, In Eyes flesh out their sound with sharp guitar work (Dylan Quigg) and precise drumming (Kris Unwin). With their newest single, “Time Won’t Wait”, dropping in late 2019, the band are beginning to make a name for themselves in the heavy rock scenes at home and abroad.

In anticipation of all the great music 2020 is sure to bring us, we have Rosie, Dylan, and Kris join us for this Top 10 to list the heavy records due out this year – or the records they hope are coming this year – that are really piquing their interest. Repping their home country, the list is littered with great Australian acts, but all ten bands are crushing the heavy scenes around the world. Get warmed up with the video for In Eyes’ newest single and then jump into the full list.

Unfortunately, it’s true: “Time Won’t Wait.”

10. Polaris – The Death of Me
– I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the heavy music world right now who isn’t psyched about the new Polaris record. I saw Polaris live for the first time opening for In Hearts Wake at The Tivoli in Brisbane (2017) and totally had my mind blown. They’re just setting the bar for the genre right now; incredible writers and performers. The new single, “Hypermania” dropped a few days ago, and if that’s any indication of what this record will sound like, then I am ready to be annihilated by it. (Rosie)

09. The Amity Affliction – Everyone Loves You … Once You Leave Them
Being a huge Amity fanboy, I’m excited when they release anything at all. Keen to hear where the rest of the album lands in terms of being ‘heavy.’ Just keep giving me those emo lyrics and I’m happy. I’ve been down with everything since Youngbloods (yeah, I hated Severed Ties; fight me), so there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be jamming this new album for the rest of the year. I’m ready to get sad! (Dylan)

08. Slowly Slowly – Race Car Blues
– Kris and I are obsessed with Slowly Slowly, so to wake up to the announcement of their upcoming album, Race Car Blues, was a very welcome surprise. This band is one of my favourites for the last two years, and if the new record is going to sound anything like the singles they’ve been dropping over the last six months, then I am more than ready. So keen for this.


– Rosie introduced me to Slowly Slowly, and they quickly became one of our favourite bands. They have a whole mix of sounds and characteristics in their music that we love, and their live shows are some of the best we’ve seen over the last year. Their album St. Leonards is something I still spin regularly, but since then, they’ve just been drip-feeding us singles, so I‘m definitely keen to see a new full-length.

Slowly Slowly are having a tough time outrunning their “Race Car Blues.”

07. Ocean Grove – Flip Phone Fantasy
Ocean Grove are just so fucking weird and I love it; such a unique sound, and I vibe with it hard. I never know what they are going to come out with next, and that definitely adds to the excitement.


– I saw Ocean Grove live last year and have been super excited about them ever since. They’re super unique and always bring something fresh and new to the table. Very excited to hear how this record is going to push the boundaries again. (Rosie)

06. Caligula’s Horse (Not Yet Titled)

– I first heard of Caligula’s Horse when I saw them open for Mastodon at Eaton’s Hill Hotel back in 2014. I’m a sucker for some well-crafted progressive metal, so I was instantly into their music. Their guitarist, Sam, actually ended up teaching Rosie and I during our degree, and we worked with Sam and Dale on “Silver Lining” and “Time Won’t Wait.” It’s awesome to have a great relationship with such insanely talented people. To say I’m excited for C-Horse’s new album is a bit of an understatement. I already know I’m in for more rhythmic, dynamic and melodic songs that have been meticulously produced by well-trained ears. (Kris)

05. Stand Atlantic (Not Yet Titled)

– It has been so sick to see Stand Atlantic’s trajectory these last few years. Every time they release something I’m convinced it won’t be better than the last thing, but it is, every single time. They deliver everything I want them to deliver and more; it’s perfect pop-punk. Bonnie is a powerhouse and a definite inspiration to my vocal performances. They haven’t announced the release dates or title of this record yet, but when they do, I will be there.


– Everything Stand Atlantic drops just bangs hard! One of the best pop-punk bands around right now. They dropped one of my favourite albums of the year in 2018 and I’m sure they’ll be right up there with this one in 2020.

Stand Atlantic love it when you “Hate Me (Sometimes).”

04. Trophy Eyes (Unannounced)

Trophy Eyes are another band that consistently drops banger after banger. The new single, “Figure Eight” is amazing, and I just love how they keep pushing their sound with every release. Keen to see what else they have in store for 2020. I’m sure I’ll spend hours crying to whatever it is.


– Trophy Eyes have done nothing but release consistently great records the past few years. They’re always developing their sound and have grown into one of Australia’s best pop-punk bands because of it. I don’t know if they’re actually going to drop an album this year, but I am hoping very hard they do.

03. Closure in Moscow (Unannounced)
Closure in Moscow is one of Australia’s best bands and if you haven’t listened to them yet, you need to. Their last album, Pink Lemonade, was released in 2014 and is an all-killer-no-filler prog record which I’ve spun endlessly over the past five years. I know the band have been working on a new album for a while, and hit some snags with getting gear stolen on tour and the like, which halted the album’s progress for a while, but recent social media posts from the band have hinted at it’s release in 2020. Even if it’s just a single or two, and not a whole album, I’m desperately waiting for a taste of what Closure in Moscow have to feed me.

Enjoy some “Happy Days” with Closure in Moscow.

02. In Hearts Wake (Unannounced)

In Hearts Wake has been one of my favourite bands since 2009 and their music has only become better with every release. Ark was one of my favourite heavy records of 2017, and I’m hoping this year will see a new record from the band. I also wouldn’t be mad at a tour because their live shows are incredible. It’s been too quiet for too long for In Hearts Wake, so fingers crossed that means something big is in the pipeline. I can’t wait to find out. (Rosie)

01. RedHook (Unannounced)
RedHook seemed to come out of nowhere to me, but I’m so hyped they did. I’m always intrigued to hear what they drop and it’s been sick to see the big opportunities they’ve been given. Bands like RedHook open a lot of doorways in the heavy scene for bands with a female presence, which is another reason I think it’s so cool to see them shine. They haven’t announced any album releases, but I’m hoping it’s coming in 2020. If the last year’s worth of singles are any indication, whatever they decide to drop next is gonna be killer, and push them even further onto everyone’s radar. (Rosie)

In Eyes’ latest album “Time Won’t Wait” dropped December 12, 2019.