Life is full of ups and downs, and oftentimes the downs seem way more pronounced and are longer-lasting than the highs. Sometimes we feel Invincible, while in other instances, we just want to reach our arm out to someone and say “I Need You.” Singer-songwriter Elise Lieberth reflects on life’s darker times with her new single “I Need You,” the fourth to come from her brand new studio album Invincible. This is her third record and first in seven years, currently only available through exclusive pre-release on her official website. With “I Need You,” (pre-save now via Spotify), Lieberth has concocted a soulful ballad full of love and compassion, with hard-hitting vocals and lyrics all backed up by a gospel choir. The song serves as an introduction to her new musical endeavour, one which will focus on sharing music that contains a universal message with many more meaningful tracks to come.

In explaining the origins and deeper meanings behind “I Need You,” Lieberth gets deeply personal in highlighting what her thought process was when writing the song. “Dealing with extreme emotion and depression, it can sometimes seem easier to walk away when things get tough, but it is always worth the work you put in when you don’t give up, when you stay and work things out. ’I Need You’ is about realizing you are lost, even in a beautiful relationship. It’s about pulling yourself out of a dark place and needing your partner’s support, love, and patience along the way. It’s about working through past hurts and pain so you can someday look back and say that you both stayed.”

She elaborated further, stating, “Mental health is a real thing that is thankfully being discussed more and more these days. When I co-wrote this song with Rachel James I was reflecting on a time that I was distancing myself from my husband and was crying myself to sleep over unresolved issues from my past while my husband was laying next to me had no idea. It wasn’t until I was honest with myself and my husband that I needed to seek therapy. Through that process, I realized I needed my husband’s support more than ever, I needed him to hold me at night, I needed him to be there for me emotionally, so that we could come out stronger and be able to say that we both stayed.”

Lieberth’s musical career began swiftly in 2009 when she met well-known singer-songwriter Tyler Ward who co-wrote and produced her debut album Letters From Elise. From its release in 2010 to 2013, Lieberth issued four albums, gaining more momentum each time, until she realized it was time for a break to focus on her family. Five years later, the Colorado-based mom was ready to return to writing and recording and she began a collaboration with friend and local musician Rachel James. Now rejuvenated, Lieberth feels ready to share her story, particularly with other young women and letting them know they can feel Invincible even when pain and hardship come their way.

Invincible Track Listing:

01. Forgive
02. Not Sure of Anything
03. Final Surrender
04. Somebody
05. Beautiful
06. I Did Better
07. I Need You
08. Invincible


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