There is more to the Danny Wright’s musical agenda than just impressing girls and rocking out to get self-satisfaction and applause. While those things don’t hurt, Wright is on a greater mission than that with his music, particularly his brand new song “I Hate Everything.” You can pre-order the song now via Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.

The pop punk artist is using his music, particularly this new song, to establish a platform for some serious conversations about mental health that have only recently begun to be treated with some seriousness. Wright finds his own inner peace and satisfaction through songwriting, and he’s not afraid to let listeners get an inside look at his personal experiences. Through many efforts to build a solid connection with fans and followers, Wright has established a loyal online following, largely thanks to the quality of his message, and let’s not forget the quality of his music.

Wright recently explained the motivations behind “I Hate Everything” and what he hopes to convey with this song; “This is a song I wrote about those days when you feel insecure, insecurity is something all humans feel, but I don’t think it’s a subject that is spoken about openly as it can be quite a vulnerable one. As I’ve got older, I have realized that vulnerability plays a huge part in art. I felt like the pursuit to be 100 percent yourself is positive for myself and the message I’m sending out to young people, being your authentic self with flaws and all is just a show of you being human. This is something I strongly believe.”

We talked a little bit more with Wright about the Reading, England artist’s strong motivational message and some of the fan stories that helped inspire the writing of “I Hate Everything.”

So the question must be asked; do you really actually hate everything? Or just some things?

Danny Wright: “I don’t have any hate at all really, that’s a heavy load to carry. But if I do experience those feelings, I try to check myself and see if it’s connected to my ego or if it’s even genuine! I do have those days though where I just don’t like what’s in my wardrobe, or my hair isn’t sitting right, or I’m feeling a bit down and out but I still have to face the day and get on with it, this can feel frustrating at times and just make everything else seem shit.”

In all seriousness now, you aim to use your music as a platform for conversations about mental health. I’m assuming that “I Hate Everything” is a song motivated and focused on this particular cause?

Wright: “I’m very open about the subject because of my experiences and I want to help break the stigma around the conversation. Years ago, it wouldn’t have really been a subject I would talk about so openly, mainly due to ego, but that almost stopped me getting the help I needed. So if there is any way I can help people think differently about it which may also help them in their lives then that’s what I want to do, especially in young people, I think the earlier you have an understanding of the psychology the better.

’I Hate Everything’ is a song about feeling insecure about yourself, the lyrics seem pessimistic but the tone is optimistic! We all feel insecure from time to time in some way, but the song’s message is to not let these feelings define you or dictate how you live your day or life. Insecurity can be the root cause to a lot of negativity in the world and with the false filtered window view of peoples’ highlight reel on social media, it really doesn’t help. Having self acceptance, self love and self belief is very important and something I advocate for: your validation and self-worth shouldn’t come from something external. Obviously this is a different journey for everyone, it’s a journey I am on myself and my music is an invite for others to join the journey.”

You mentioned that you wrote components of this song with fans who helped guide its direction. What type of input did you have from these fans that really helped you with coming up with the song and its subject matter?

Wright: “I often do live streaming on Instagram and Facebook and I was jamming the guitar riff whilst having own of those days and I remember constructing the chorus and it just sparked this excitement in a way because I thought, ’this is a common feeling whether we admit it or not.’ I held a live stream and opened a conversation about the subject and played the musical idea that I had and a lot of people related to it and starting sharing their experiences of the subject. It was quite surprising that a lot of young people felt this way at times and that they felt comfortable enough to share. I started crafting lyrics from the input and that finished the bulk of the song.”

Was there one particular story you heard from a fan that really stuck with you and helped inspire the song? If so, please share some of the details of what it was.

Wright: “There were loads of stories shared but the most common theme I noticed was a fear of being yourself and comparison to others. It seems some people are scared to be themselves in fear of judgement and rejection, so they would rather be someone else or a different version of themselves as a protection. I understand this and believe it to be a very common thing in society, it’s not necessarily always a bad thing, but my goal is to promote self-belief. I think the lyric, ’I wanna be somebody else but I’m stuck with myself’ sums up a lot of how some may feel sometimes.”

Aside from music, you are also a talented actor. What type of acting are you involved in and are you currently working on any new acting projects?

Wright: “Music has been the main focus recently and my acting journey has actually played a big part of where I’m at now with it. Years ago I was in bands and when that ended I moved to London on a whim for some inspirational change, long story short, I found myself in the acting/film community (another interest I had from a young age). I was taking classes and picking up the odd acting job but one course in particular was a very awakening experience for me and really connected me back with my passion (music). It was quite a spiritual journey of ups and downs which led me to creating music again with a different perspective.

I have always wanted to integrate acting with my music and I have overly ambitious ideas for the future! But in terms of projects, I think the last thing I did was an indie thriller with some of the cast from Hollyoaks! That was a good laugh! You never know what could be offered next in that industry, so who knows?”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

07/18 – Classic Grand- Glasgow
07/25 – Factory- Manchester
07/26 – O2 Academy Islington- London


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