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Art of the Meal

Art of The Meal: PINK LEATHER JACKETS Talk Pizza, Chicken Wings, George Foreman Grills, and Mom’s Cooking

To better know the fun-loving rockers Pink Leather Jackets, we connected with lead singer Chris Woolley and guitarist Steve Colucci to discuss pizza, chicken wings, and George Foreman Grills, in our latest edition of Art of The Meal.



There’s nothing like a pink leather jacket to make you feel good and ready to take the night by storm. The dance party rock band Pink Leather Jackets know a thing or two about having fun and, if you listen to their music, it’s quite evident that the members know how to have a good time. Lead singer Christopher James is full of confidence and swagger which rubs off on his bandmates, guitarist Steve Colucci, bassist Nathan Colucci and drummer Jordan Zagerman, who provide all the distorted guitars and booming drums you could want from a group that knows how to entertain.

The party vibe of Pink Leather Jackets is in full usage on their 2019 debut EP Good Love. Recorded at Dreamhouse Studios in Toronto, the EP was produced by the band along with Calvin Hartwick. The guys had a lot of fun recording the album, which is part of the reason why it has such a party vibe. Their songwriting takes inspiration from what the members consider to be “millennial classics.” Hartwick ended up being the perfect producer for Good Love, as he had no problem understanding exactly the type of sound and energy these musicians were intent on capturing.

To get to know another side of Pink Leather Jackets, we connected with members Chris Woolley and Steve Colucci to discuss their food preferences in our latest edition of Art of The Meal. Read on as the guys describe their love of food and the important role it plays in their musical lives.

Off of Good Love, watch the band’s debut music video for “Shed.”

Do you follow a particular diet?

Chris Woolley: “Pizza, chicken wings, and pasta. And then curry of all types. Indian, Thai, Caribbean, etc. Can’t forget awesome Asian noodles too. Lots of espressos.“

Do you prepare a lot of your own food?

Steve Colucci: “I cook a lot, yes.“

Are any of your bandmates cooks? Or foodies?

Colucci: “Chris makes some mean chicken wings. Nath makes some good pizza.“

Woolley: “Steve is the chef man who cooks with passion. He makes a mean brajole, where he takes beef and basil and parmesan and probably something else I’m not sure and he rolls it up and sears it in the pan and then slow cooks it in his Sunday gravy tomato sauce with a bunch of other meat like sausage and homemade meatballs. It’s kind of a big deal, we had that at our Friendsgiving this year. It’s amazing. I cooked us up some wings recently! They were good, nothing to brag about.“

What are some of your favourite restaurants in your hometown?

Colucci:Pizza Nostra has the best pizza in Mississauga in my opinion. Love their Margherita.“

Woolley:Casa Verde in Ajax was really great, and Sauter’s Inn used to have awesome steak. I also like Sushi T&T on Harwood in Ajax. Texas Burger is another staple for a burger and shake. But my favourite is Peta Delights, I’ve been going there for like fifteen years, best shawarma and falafel ever. I recommend getting the Shawafel wrap, which is a shawarma and falafel in one.“

Se what the band has cooking up in this gallery of exclusives images.

Art of The Meal: PINK LEATHER JACKETS Talk Pizza, Chicken Wings, George Foreman Grills, and Mom’s Cooking

If a fan were generous and to give you a food or drink-related gift, what should they get you?

Colucci: “Pizza, espresso, and whiskey.“

Nathan Colucci: “Snickers and a Redbull.“

What is your drink of choice?

Colucci: “Whiskey, or wine. Espresso for mornings, and at 7 pm pre-gig.“

Woolley: “Yeah same as Steve, pretty much drink anything.“

Nathan Colucci: “Whiskey.“

Were any of your songs ever conceived at a bar or restaurant?

Colucci: “Yeah, ‘Shed’ was inspired at a bar.“

Woolley: “Yeah ’Shed’ was written after an experience at a bar. Steve was there. We also used to have a weekly rehearsal spot which was at a bar in front of an audience on a Tuesday. We would hash out our songs there in front of everyone. We used that bar in our music video for ’Shed’ too. The actual bar that inspired the story will maybe in a future music video.“

When was the last time you barbecued?

Colucci: “Ohhh, it’s been a while.“

Woolley: “Yeah probably the last time I barbecued was the last time I was hanging at a home owner’s place in the summertime on a nice day. Good times.“

Pink Leather Jackets’ debut EP Good Love was released on May 3rd, 2019:

When did you overcome being a picky eater?

Colucci: “The day I tried food.“

Woolley: “My food world opened up when I decided to be vegetarian at a young age. It turned me on to a lot of foods I wouldn’t have discovered until later in my life I think.“

Which toppings go on your ideal pizza?

Colucci: “Tomato sauce, good cheese, oregano, basil leaves. Depends on what kind of pizza I’m getting. I like anchovies despite what the Ninja Turtles say about them, they are good on pizza, and traditional too. Look it up.“

Woolley: “If we’re talking ideal, I like getting hot peppers, feta cheese, and grilled chicken, but only if you know they got good grilled chicken, otherwise, sub it out for mushrooms or something. Sausage would be rad too. Don’t forget your creamy garlic and hot sauce, parmesan cheese and chilli flakes.“

When did you first get interested in cooking?

Colucci: “Got into cooking when I was a kid. Started with breakfast, and from there getting creative with leftovers. Making new dishes from whatever was leftover.“

Woolley: “When I became a vegetarian at 17 I started cooking more and thinking about meals more. When I stopped being vegetarian the only thing I knew how to cook was vegetarian meals, so I slowly got into cooking fish and chicken and whatnot. Now it’s fun to have a meal that you love at a restaurant and then go try to make it at home.“

“Wasting Time“ is the third single off of Good Love. Check out the music video:

Do you have a favourite chef?

Woolley: “Nothing beats mom’s cooking.“

What sort of cooking set-up do you have at home?

Colucci: “Just a stove. Pots, pans, the standard. Nothing fancy. Didn’t have a toaster for a while there but I highly recommend getting one. Less burns.“

Woolley: “Same.“

Have you ever owned a George Foreman Grill?

Colucci: “Myself, no but I have used one at an Airbnb and let me tell you, it was great. You can do so much more with it than you would think.“

How do you usually get your groceries? In-store? Online delivery?

Colucci: “In store, never online.“

Woolley: “Definitely in store.“

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