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Victoria, B.C.’s CRAVING RAIN Tease Their Upcoming EP with the New Single “Jealousy” [Premiere]

Victoria, British Columbia’s Craving Rain will release their four-song self-titled debut EP on March 19th and, today, are debuting the single “Jealousy.”



Victoria, British Columbia’s Craving Rain are today unveiling their new single “Jealousy” taken from their self-titled debut record which is due on March 19th. The four-song EP isn’t particularly genre-focused with songwriting that traverses between the band’s hard rock and heavy metal roots to the mellower side of acoustic rock. Like their sound, the group’s music explores a wide set of emotions with each song offering a different point of view.

The recording and release of this new EP was a slow process spent over two years of writing, scrapping ideas, starting over and eventually coming up with a few songs that were worthy of representing Craving Rain in a proper release. Jasmine Wietzke makes for the perfect partner with her Craving Rain counterpart Tyrell Beal, with Wietzke able to share emotional and personal journeys through the lens of her guitar and Beal adding a very different perspective from his background in the hard rock, metal band Sonderous. This is why you hear more hard rock type material on this EP along with mellower acoustic rock with two worlds seemingly living completely in unison. Needless to say, the duo is looking very forward to further fleshing out their own proper sound on a follow-up EP.

Time to check out the premiere of the new Craving Rain track, “Jealousy”:

Commenting on “Jealousy,” Wietzke spoke at length about the background and meaning behind the track. “This song was also about a relationship and loving a guy who consistently made me feel insecure around other women and brought out a very hateful, jealous side of me. I loved him intensely and always seemed to fuck up a good night by getting too drunk and letting my jealous rage show its ugly face. I had believed it was solely my fault and that I was a fuck up and that I was to blame for everything.

This song was inspired over Christmas holidays when I had to spend it by myself at a house that I was housesitting. I had made a huge scene and had jealous rage just before Christmas and so the relationship I was in was really rocky and it was too late to book an affordable flight home to spend Christmas with family. So, I felt really alone and this was the first time that I was really forced to start to learn how to love myself. One of the hardest lessons in life I’ve learned so far! I have found that the harder the situation I have to go through, the greater the lesson learned.”

Check out the awesome Craving Rain logo with the artwork for their new self-titled EP:

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